Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mozambique 2013 - J - Back to Beira

On Thursday, 8 August, began my trip back home. Driver Micas, who had taken me to all the churches and was the photographer as well (with my camera), took me back to Beira. The first hour was on a dirt road.

We saw many villages on the way…

some still straw huts,

some brick houses.

Some part of the road was fine,

but others were terrible,

…with lots of potholes.

We crossed many dry rivers.

They have water only during the rainy season (from October on)

One big river has permanent water.

Back to the same hotel in Beira, now not facing the ocean but the other part of the city.



Pray for Mozambique. They will have election next year.

– Pray for the students and their families. God is calling many people to His Kingdom through the work of these eight students. Pray for Pastor Alfazema and his family. He is undergoing cancer treatment in Canada and is improving well. He is planning, God willing, to go back to Mozambique for a visit next year.

I arrived well back home in Cape Town, SA, on Friday night, 9th August. My wife Lídia was waiting for me at the airport. It was good to see that she “survived” well alone at home, and she was happy to see that I had “survived” as well, without any health issue, God be thanked! Pray for us, for our ministry, for our health, for our plans, for our children in Brazil and in Germany. Paulo and Flávia are expecting a baby boy, Lucas, in the next days.  

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