Saturday, 1 August 2009


God blessed us with many activities during the months of May/June/July. Besides the normal church activities, we had the visit of five (5) volunteer groups from the USA who came in Mission Trips to work among our people in Kenya; and several individuals visited with us too.
Let us share with our friends and relatives some pictures and a report about:
* I – Several Activities: A – Graduation in Matongo; B – Confirmation and Baptisms;
C - Civil Aviation Chaplaincy; D – Farewell Rev. Toikka; E – Two Volunteers;
F – Visitors; G – HHOCC; H – WMPL.
*II –Tomball, TX +
*III –Concordia, Irvine, CA
*IV – Prince of Peace, Dallas, TX
*V – Builders for Christ: Gardner, KS + Springfield, MO.
We would love to hear from you. Remember us in your prayers.
Carlos Walter & Lídia Winterle


–“The sixth Diploma in Theology course graduated on May 16th 2009. The class, which is composed of 21 students, 18 of whom are Kenyans national, 1 Rwandese, 1 Ugandan and 2 Sudanese, completed its four-year course. The course has three years in class and one internship year.” (From the Matongo Lutheran Theological College Newsletter). – Two of the graduated students, Simon Cratlurk Geng, from Sudan (the tallest), and Andrew Mubuma, from Meru, Kenya, were at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral – UHLC - service on May 17th

Andrew and his family: Lucy Karimi Mutuma and Karen. Also Rev. Phenius Mugambi, from Meru, was here.
Four (4) Danish girls confirmed their baptismal vows at UHLC on May 17th, Ascension Sunday: Kamille Kolback Nohr,Julie Lundgaard Solevad. Maja Mothoni Nganga Waweru and Kirsten Lundgaard Solevad.
Catechist David Varning Winsloew (on the right) prepared the girls in the Christian truth and Rev. Rune Mjolhus (on the left) assisted the ceremony.
The Bible verse given as blessing to each girl was read in English, Danish and Swahili.
Kamille Kolback Nohr was first baptized before she confirmed her Christian faith.
Savannah Ruby Harvey was baptized on 7th June 2009.
Savannah was born on 27th May 2009 in Nairobi to Jagger and Melissa Harvey. Savannah’s grandmother represented the godparents and the UHLC chairlady Mrs. Linneth greeted the family.

– Keja Dorisa da Silva was baptized on 12th July 2009.
Keja was born on 16th February 2009 in Dobele, Latvia, to Duilio Domenico da Silva and Kristine Bokane da Silva.*********************************************
The CACK celebrated a MEMORIAL PRAYER GATHERING on 10th June 2009 remembering the crash of the flight 447 between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Paris, France on 1st June. Rev. Omodhi and Rev. Carlos were invited to participate in this ceremony. “The service was dedicated to families, friends and airline staff remembering those people who died aboard Air France and those in countries of departure and destination.” – 228 candles were lit in memory of the departed.
The Ambassador of Brazil in Kenya, Ana Maria Sampaio Fernandes and the Secretary of the Embassy Adam Jaime Muniz were in the service. (In the picture: Secret. Adam, Rev. Carlos, Ambassador Ana Maria, Rev. Omodhi). – The Memorial Prayer Gathering was noticed by the most important newspaper of South of Brazil, ZERO HORA, as you can see in the link:
On 24th June 2009 Rev. Carlos took part in the Launching of the Strategic Plan (2009-2015) of the CACK, invited by the Director Rev. Edward Etale (on the right).
Chaplains, representatives of the airport staff and of several churches were present at the ceremony at the Panary Sky Center.
D – REV. RHEINNO TOIKKA FAREWELL Rev. Rheinno Toikka, from Finland, a missionary of LEAF – Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland, served the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya for the past 17 years. He and his wife Reija worked especially among the Maasai. He and his family went back to Finland, but he is planning to come back to work in Kenya sometimes during the next years. – He preached at UHLC on 21st June and a special Farewell Service was celebrated.
– Rev. John Halakeh, ELCK General Secretary, spoke on behalf of the ELCK and of the Bishop.
Thank you, Rev. Toikka and Reija, for all the good work you had done in Kenya for God’s Kingdom; and God bless you and your family.
Joseph Highley, from Springfield, Missouri, EUA, spent a month (from 17th June to 15th July) as volunteer in Kenya. He has a BLOG: He first joined the Builders for Christ Team, and after this he worked with Máté (Matthew) on the Heart to Heart Orphans Children projects.
– Máté (Matthew) Csizmadia, from Budapest, Hungary, came on 1st July and is planning to stay in Kenya until September.
They are working especially with children and youth.
Both are training to be pastors and this experience will help them in their ministry. God bless them both!
- Rev. Karl Ziegler, from the USA, was the guest preacher at UHLC on July 5th. He came with a Medical Team through LCMS World Relief. They had Medical Camps in Kisumo and Kibera.
Mary Purvis and her son Scott, from the USA, visited HHOCC projects on July 7th. (In the picture visiting the burned down church in Kibera: Joseph, Máté, (?), Mary, Scott, Emmanuel).
– On 8th July, HHOCC distributed the regular food packages for several needy families, especially for the PLWHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS).
– Flour, cocking oil, toiletries were bought and given to the people in Kawangware.
Pastor Zedekiah led a devotion with the group.
HHOCC volunteers + PLWHA.
Cedar Rd. premises in Nairobi had served as residence for the World Mission Prayer League - WMPL missionaries for many years. WMPL decided to transfer ownership of this property to the ELCK.
– The official ceremony took place on 10th July with the presence of Dr. Mike Kosky, WMPL Africa Program Coordinator, and Bishop Walter Obare, head of the ELCK, plus many other guests.
Dr. Mike Kosky presented a Power Point about "The 'Majority World Church' and the advance of the Gospel in and out Africa", and Gloria Sauck presented a short history of the 40 years of partnership between WMPL and the ELCK.
A Plaque of Apreciation was given to WMPL in recognition for their partnership missionary work in Kenya for the last 40 years.
ELCK four (4) Bishops were present at the ceremony.
Representatives of the ELCK mission partners from Sweden, Finland, Norway and the USA brought their greetings. (On the first line: Rev. John Halakeh, ELCK General Secretary and Mr. John Michoro, Treasurer.)
ELCK trustees and other guests were also present.
A lunch was offered to all guests.


From May 30th to June 6th, 41 volunteers from five churches leaded by Salem Lutheran Church, Tombal, Texas, worked in Kenya with eye and dental clinics. All the equipment and hundreds of glasses were brought in special containers.
A service was held on May 30th, Saturday evening, by Rev. Carlos at Scripture Mission Compound, where they were hosted, before the teams went to 5 different places the day after.

Kevin Pieper, the leader of the group, led the songs. Representatives of the five churches offered the prayers at the service.
Evangelist Sylvester reported at the UHLC Elders Meting: “The Tomball team from Texas has been here with us from the 1st to 5th which was yesterday. They have been running eye clinics in five different regions, Kawangware in Nairobi, Kumpa and Namanga in Kajiado, Gatembe Mitunguu in Meru, Kariti and Kiandae in Kirinyaga and Pangani in Nakuru. They were able to reach over 18,000 persons with the services. The aim of this eye clinics is to evangelize to the masses thus before the treatment and provision of the eye glasses is done when the people are first reached with the word of God using the evangelism cube. We are witnessing many coming to Christ and recommitting themselves to the church. We thank the Tomball -Salem Ministries for this heart of service to the human kind.”
Carol and Jerry were the leaders in Kawangware.
The eye clinic was offered inside the church in Kawangware…
- … and the dental clinic at the back premises, outside…
… and inside.

Local Kenyan doctors joined the volunteers.