Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Several Activities (H) 1 - 50 DAYS ABLAZE

We walked together on a “50-DAY ABLAZE MISSION OUTREACH SAFARI” between Easter and Pentecost. We celebrated a special Order of Service during that time, highlighting the privilege we have to share our faith in Christ and the Salvation we got free from God, with our neighbors, friends and relatives.
On Pentecost Sunday, May 11th, we finished this journey, but we didn’t finish giving our testimony about Christ. This is a life-long commitment that began at our baptism. The Holy Spirit is still working through God’s Word and the Sacraments; and we are like tools in His hands to reach the uncommitted and unreached. – Mrs. Rhoda Houge read Acts 2:1-21: The First Pentecost – how the Holy Spirit worked in the hearths of the listeners through the Word preached by Peter; around 300 were baptized that day!!!

Rev. Claude Houge preached on Pentecost Sunday, sharing with us several ABLAZE experiences he had during his East African ministry in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Sudan. His Power Point Presentation highlighted his ABLAZE MISSION OUTREACH SAFARI as the Coordinator of the Mission Training Centers (MTC) in these countries: More than 400 people were baptized, as they were prepared for the Baptism by the Evangelists of the MTC.

The congregation prayed remembering the work of the HOLY SPIRIT through the Word and the Sacraments, asking God to bless the Means of Grace in the hearth of people who have been reached through the ABLAZE efforts in Kenya and throughout the world.

The Holy Supper was shared with the congregants to receive forgiveness of our sins and to strengthen us in the true faith and in a Christian life of witnessing about God’s love in Christ.

Rev. Rick Kanoy, from the USA, visited Kenya from 4 to 16 April, invited by Rev. Claude Houge. He presented a course to all Mission Training Centers (MTC) Monitors. He preached at the Cathedral on April 6th, sharing with us a very nice experience how he lead his grandfather to Christ, praying and talking with him about Jesus and the hope we have through His death and resurrection. Every one of us has many opportunities to share Christ!

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Several Activities (H) 2 - NURU

On 25th and 26th of April, NURU Lutheran Media Ministry gathered around 70 youth from Nairobi and from Kumpa to discuss several matters related to the youth and their organization. At the beginning of the meeting, Pastor Carlos was invited to present ABLAZE to the youth and how they can share their faith in Christ to their friends and relatives.
The youth are already working in outreach and they will do every time more to share Christ with others.
– On Saturday, 26th April, around 400 kids and teens were gathered at NURU compound to hear about Jesus and to join in their Christian joy.

Several Activities (H) 3 - Leadership Course

A Leadership Course about “INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE” was offered to the members of our parish every last Saturday from January to April. 22 people were enrolled and came to the classes. Books from the Mission Training Center (LCMS-WM East Africa) were used for this course.

After a class we took a picture of some students: (in the back) Rev. Carlos, Janet, Allan, Emmanuel, Raphael, Karen, Lawrence; (in the front) Mosah, Josephat, Justus and Wycliffe.

– On Pentecost Sunday the Certificates were given to the students by Pastor Carlos and by Rev. Claude Houge, manager of the Mission Training Center (MTC) for East Africa. Nine completed the Course : Allan Oriki Mosoba, Emmanuel Mungami, Raphael Karemi, Kifai Josephat Suweh (from Kibera); Douglas Mocheti, Evans Lisaliza Mosah, Paul Wachira Gandu (from Kawangware); Janet Karambu Mosigisi, Justus Ekanjo (from UHLC). (They are not all in the picture).

Late Mr. John Mwaura, former Chairman of “Spring of Life Lutheran church – Kibera”, who was called by God suddenly on April 12th, was mention as a good student and a faithful Christian, and a Certificate was given “in memoriam” to his former congregation. (In the picture: With Mrs. Linneth Shiundu, Chairlady at UHLC, when they were intalled as members of NURU Board, November 11th, 2007)

A new Course has been offered about REFORMATION’S HISTORY . The course has four classes, every last Saturday of the month (May, June, July and August). Come and learn more about Dr. Martin Luther and our roots. You are welcome!

Several Activities (H) 4 - Farewell

Rev. Claude Houge has been the LCMS-WM (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod - World Mission) East Africa Area Facilitator and responsible for the Mission Training Centers (MTC). Rhoda has been the LCMS-WM Business Manager and one of the Cathedral’s organists for the past years.
They are going back to the USA on May 15th to work in God’s Kingdom there.
A Farewell and Godspeed were offered to them at the Pentecost Service.

Pastor Omodhi spoke on behalf of the Cathedral and gave them some small gifts to remember us.

Dr. Paul Mueller, Regional Director – Africa, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod World Mission, spoke on behalf of the LCMS-WM.

Mr. John Michoro, treasurer of the ELC Kenya, spoke on behalf of Bishop Obare and of the ELCK.

We will miss them a lot!!! – THANK YOU for all the support you have given to all of us, especially to Pastor Carlos and his wife Lídia. Have a safe trip and go with God’s blessings!

Several Activities (H) 5 - Volunteers

16 volunteers from Tomball, Tx, USA visited Kenya form 19 to 26 April. They invited Pastor Carlos to lead a service on Saturday evening (April 19) at the guesthouse. Their goal is to come twice a year to Kenya for the next five years, offering Eye Clinic and sharing the Gospel with all the people who are coming to the Eye Clinic. (The red boxes in the back are the Eye Clinic Material that they brought.)
The Conquerors, from Kawangware, sang at the Service.

On Sunday early in the morning they went in two groups of eight to Meru and to Kariti, where people were waiting for them.

In Meru, many people were waiting for them too; a 92-year-old man came to the clinic,

… and a Member of Parliament of that region, Honorable Gitobu Imanyara and his wife, came to greet the volunteers. The lady in white is the IN-Charge of Gatimbi Hospital in Meru, where the Clinic took place.God blessed their week and their work of Christian love to our people.

Another volunteer group that visited Kenya was the Cross Fire, a music/outreach youth group from America. They were hosted by Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry (The Lutheran Hour Ministry), who took them to several congregations, hospitals and orphanages to sing and to share the Good News about Jesus. - We visited "Nairobi West Prison" with them.

On their website ( - Cross Fire International Team) we read: “Incorporated in 1965 as a non-profit religious organization, Youth Encounter is an evangelical and confessional Christian organization that began by sending a music ministry team to Scandinavia. Rooted in the Christian Scriptures and shaped by the Lutheran tradition, Youth Encounter has now grown into a global ministry serving churches of many denominations in the United States and over 40 other countries."

Ronald, Moses, Simon and Rachel performed music and presented a Christian message.

We gave “Good News” magazines to the people in prison.

After the presentation, Nuru and UHLC Team with the Cross fire and some other visitors took a picture outside the prison. – Nuru is doing a permanent ministry among the prisoners in Kenya, through the Correspondence Bible Course and through regular visits to several prisons.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Several Activities (H) 6 - Do you know these people?

Several students from Namibia are studying at the University of Nairobi. 82,1% of the inhabitants of Namibia are Christians (51,2% are Lutherans).
They are coming to our service. We had a meeting with them on May 3rd, Saturday, and on Sunday May 4th they sang at the service in Oshiwambo, one of the many languages spoken in Namibia.

In the picture: (from left to right) Eddie B. Hasheela, Olivia Tsibes, Hyderick Basson, Ottilie Shivolo and Johannes Namwira.

In the picture: (From left to right) Ester, Helvi , Justus, Hilda, Fabiola, Hileni, Ottilie, Meno, Johannes, Martha, Olivia, Sofia, (kneeling) Helena, Taimi, Ester, Fares.

Christine Fatma and her daughter Megan.

Julia Harrington, from Christ Lutheran Church in Georgia, USA; volunteer Missionary for World Mission Prayer League. Worked in Samburu, working to assist in dispensaryadministration, from Oct 2006-August 2007. Now settled in Nairobi (Project assistant and fundraiser, recording secretary, parish bookkeeper); doing volunteer work for the Cathedral. She has been in Kenya for 1 year and 7 months.

Rev. Charles Jackson and his wife Anita. Pastor in Samburu.

Lawrence Onkwa.

Wycliffe Ondoro Okoth

Michel Ngoy Mulunda, from Congo; LUCCEA Youth Leader.

Thaddayo (Teddy) Ogendo and his wife Rhoda, and their children: Samuel, Edna, Derrick, Philip and Sheila. They were visited by the Pastoral Staff at their home on May 1st.

Janet Karambu Mosigisi and Lídia.

Clara Omodhi (Pastor Omodhi’s wife) and Lídia.

Catherine Wangari, LCMS-WM Karen Office secretary and responsible for the Volunteer Teams.

A group of visitors from Finland were at the service on April 20th, led by Rev. Osmo Harjula, Principal at Matongo Seminare, and his wife Arja.
So, we can quote the Apostle Paul in Acts 14:27: “They reported all that God had done through them and how He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles”. To HIM be the glory!