Thursday, 15 October 2009


We are very happy to contact you again through this Blog and to share with you some of the blessings God is pouring upon us and His work in Kenya.
First of all, we want to share the blessing we had with the visit of some of our beloved ones in July and in August. Being far from them is sometimes not easy; and have them with us in Nairobi for some days was a special blessing God granted us!

Our firstborn Léo came from Germany and his son Martin came from Brazil and they arrived just on Lidia’s birthday, July 15th! This was a special gift for us!

On July 20th was my birthday and we celebrated it with a safari with our beloved ones.
Our grandson Martin came from Brazil with our niece and godchild Inês Martina, who celebrated her birthday on July 17th! Lots of parties! – Both of them spent two weeks with us in July.

In August, Léo’s wife Carolina came from Germany and both of them spent the month of August with us.
We were together in the services during the time they were in Nairobi…

-… they enjoyed the choirs with African music…

… and took part at the Lord’s Supper.

They introduced themselves to the congregation…

… and all friends were happy to meet a part of our family and they welcomed them.

We had three invitations from the Brazilian Embassy:

The first one was for a popular Brazilian festival, celebrating St. John, St. Peter and St. Paul. The Ambassador of Brazil Ana Maria Sampaio Fernandes addressed to the people present.

Typical Brazilian food and some games were offered to the guest. Martin played this game with the Ambassador: To throw a ball into the mouth of the clown.
The second invitation was for a reception at the Ambassador’s residence for Brazilian Athletes of Christ – veteran soccer players. Dr. Nuzman, President of the National Olympic Committee of Brazil, was also there. – (Brazil was chosen recently to host the Olympic Games in 2016!!!) (Picture by Pr. Julio Quirino, also in the picture).
The third invitation was to celebrate the Brazilian National Day! - As you are far from your country, it is every time good to remember your roots and to meet fellows Brazilians!
We went on a safari to the Maasai Mara; and this was not only a good opportunity to see God’s marvelous nature, but to share the Gospel with our Maasai guide, Mbandi. He got a Maasai Lutheran hymnal…
… and a PROCLAIMER, with the entire New Testament recorded.
The children visited also the Safari Walk and had the opportunity to come close to a cheetah.
A Maasai Market is a feast to the eyes - and a damage to the pocket!!!
Kibera’s slum and the burned down church impressed the children.
Some houses are still waiting to be repaired.
Inês Martina and all of them took several pictures to show their experiences to their relatives and friends as they went back home.
Local members of the Lutheran church took us in a tour through the slum…
and Inês Martina was interviewed by a BBC reporter that was collecting impressions of people visiting the slum, the biggest of Africa.
They also visited the congregation in Kawangware and the Heart to Heart Orphans Children Center projects…
… where they saw the Orphans Feeding program…
… The Homeless Boys program…
… and the Showers Project being built…
… and almost ready. – Thank you for many that are helping a dream come true, - the building of these showers to the homeless boys (street boys).


August 9th, 2009: It was a special Sunday for the Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral – UHLC. A get-together-Sunday was organized to join both English and the Swahili congregation. A joint service was celebrated at 10am and after this a common meal was served to all participants. A drama team performed the story of The Ten Lepers and the English and the Swahili choirs sang.
Pastor Isaiah Obare was installed on that Sunday as 3rd Pastor at UHLC. – Pastor Isaiah was born in Nyamira District on September 17th 1979 to Bishop Walter Obare and Mrs. Eunice Obare. He is married to Caroline Awino and has two children: Rehema (not in the picture) and Ralph. He graduated at Matongo Lutheran Theological College, Kenya, in 2005; was ordained in 2006; served in the Sudan and at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in 2006; served as pastor in Kibera in 2007; studied at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2008/ 2009 and received his Master Degree in May/2009.

His father, Bishop Walter Obare Omwanza, installed Pastor Isaiah, with the assistance of Pastor Enos Omodhi, Pastor Carlos Walter Winterle
… the Elders, and several other pastors.
He preached about the healing of the ten lepers…
… and helped Bishop Obare as he celebrated the Lord’s Supper.
The pastors greeted the people at the end of the service…

… and all spent a nice Sunday together.


Eugene Odhiambo Ochieng was baptized on 30th August 2009.
He was born on 19th July 2009 to Ben Ochieng Akuku and to Faith Kavinde Ochieng, and has a sister Quisley Rey Ochieng. (Pastoral staff at the home visit)

Ziva Mor Kaundi was also baptized on 30th August 2009.
She was born on 24th May 2009 to Kenneth Kaunda and to Magiri Elizabeth Njatha. (Pastoral Staff at the home visit.)

Both mothers were very happy that their children were accepted into Jesus’ Kingdom through the Sacrament of the Holy Baptism.

The Pastoral staff visited Magnus and Anna Dahlbacka as well. They are Finnish missionaries working as translators in Maralal, in the north of Kenya. They have two children: Isak (2 years old) and Katrina Ongrid Nsinya, born on 21st August 2009. Ana wrote me: “Katrina was baptized yesterday (27th September by Pastor Jan-Erik Sandström) with about 20 adults and 30 children from three congregations around Maralal. The church was full and they had to put in more benches to sit on. The service started a bit after 11 am (it was supposed to start at 10 and until 11 the people were singing worship songs with traditional music) and at 3:20 pm we walked out singing the final song. Then we had lunch, so we left at 4:30. It was a long but good day with celebration both here and in heaven!” – Praise the LORD!

Elder Nyaribo’s family was visited by the Pastoral staff and some Elders as his mother-in-law passed away: - Jason Miyogo Nyaribo, Milkah Bwari Miyogo and children: Everlyne Nyanchama, Lydia Kwamboka, Lameck Getange and Collins Ateya Miyogo.

Major Chuchu’s family was visited as their son Henry went to the Military Academy
and we offered prayers and led a devotion about Psalm 91. - From left to right:Rehema, Major Churchu, Henry, Mrs. Christine, Gunnel, Lídia and Linah.
Representatives of the Lutheran Word Federation – LWF – and other visitors worshiped at the Cathedral on August 9th: 1. Speaking holding the microphone is Rev. Dr. Veikko Munyika, LWF-DMD Coordinator for HIV and AIDS. - 2. On his left is Rev. Asfaha Mehari, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Eritrea . - 3. On his immediate right is Rev. Dereje Jemberu, Vice President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. - 4. On his far right is Rev. Masresha Chufa, lecturer at the EECMY Seminary.

Close to Rev. Asfaha Mehari is Mrs. Teberh Andemicael, ELC Eritrea National Women's Chairperson. (Names given by Mr. Muloko Kongolo, LUCCEA Secretary)

LCMS agricultural missionaries Delano and Linda Meyer, serving in Sierra Leone and neighboring countries in West Africa, visited Ethiopia with Rev. Claude & Rhoda, and worshiped with us on August 15th.
Pete Pollock, from California, USA, visited UHLC, Kibera and Kawangware on July 29th, and he and his team organized a Medical Clinic in Kibera on August 1st.
Eric Gates, Lutheran Hour Ministries / Area Counselor for Africa, visited the Local NURU Media Ministry office, and also Kibera on September (15th-23rd). He was supposed to go for a meeting in India, but he became sick in Nairobi and was admitted to Nairobi Hospital. By God’s grace he recovered fast and was able to go back home.

A group of Maasais worshiped at the Cathedral on August 16th.

They sang their traditional songs at the service…

… and danced also in the Cathedral’s hall after the service.
Nairobi Girls Chorus presented a Concert at the Cathedral on July 18th and 19th. They regularly come to sing at the Service too.
A Women Seminar was holding on July 18th.

They learned how to do batiks – a special African art with fabric.
Look how beautiful is the sheet ready!
The Sunday School Teachers of the Parish have their training every 3rd Saturday of the month.
Dr. Mike Rodewald, LCMS World Mission/Regional Director for Africa and his family visited Nairobi at the end of September. They visited the church and the slum in Kibera also.