Monday, 19 November 2007

Several Activities (E) Services

The REFORMATION SUNDAY was celebrated on October 28 at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral (UHLC). A special Order of Service was prepared for the occasion, highlighting some of Luther's 95 Theses about Repentance, The Gospel, and About the Correct Use of Money in the Church. 9 Theses were displayed on posters.
This is the 490 anniversary of the Reformation. The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation will be celebrated in 2017. A big outreach effort is been done by the LCMS and its partner churches to reach with the Gospel of Jesus 100 millions of unreached and uncommitted people during this period.
In the afternoon of that Reformation Sunday, the film "LUTHER" was showed in the church. 102 people watched the film, knowing better about the origin of the Lutheran Church. Pastor Carlos explained about the background of the Reformation before the film was presented, in a joint effort of Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry and UHLC. Luther's Small Catechism, tracts and Nuru Correspondence Bible Course and other materials were available to all participants.


On November 11 (Anniversary of Luther's Baptism Day), Pastor Rune Mjolhus preached at UHLC. He is the new Scripture Mission Area Director for East Africa. His father was missionary in Tanzania and Pastor Rune was born there. He did his studies in Norway and was missionary in Tanzania too. He speaks fluently Kiswahili.

Several Activities (E) Norwegian Youths

The Norwegian Lutheran Group, after visiting the UHLC on October 21 (English Service) and Oct 28 (Swahili Service), visited the congregation in Kawangware on October 29. Pastor Rune Mjolhus, Scripture Mission Field Director (Norwegian Lutheran Mission), answered my question about the group and their goal in Kenya, as follow: "The group is called TeFT, witch in Norwegian is an abbreviation for “Lit to serve”. They are youth that are here to get a touch of mission, and to see for them selves what it is. Also, this is a form of bible school, so they are trained in bible topics during the whole stay here.

Pictures and names can be found on; their blogs are

After the two first weeks here in Nairobi, they have now left to Kapenguria in NWD. They will be based there for 6 weeks, getting to see and learn about the work out in the fields. They will return here for Christmas Holidays, and then go east to Voi for some weeks also visiting and observing the Muslim ministries there.

All-in all, they will be here for some 5 months, but will during the Christmas break go to Tanzania to get to see the Scripture Mission work in Arusha as well."

More or less 100 people were gathered this day in Kawangware and the group spend all the day in activities with them: children, orphans, street boys, HIV/AIDS infected ladies, congregants.

On October 31, Reformation Day, the group visited the congregation 'Spring of Life", Kibera, where pastor Dennis Meeker lead the Matins and a message. Leader Emmanuel Mungami talked about the outreach program of the congregation and about ABLAZE, remembering that this day was the 490 anniversary of the Reformation; and the goal is to reach 100 millions unreached people by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation - a joint effort of the Lutheran Churches in partnership with the LCMS.

The group heard several testimonies in Kibera: Youths, children, HIV/AIDS infected and had opportunity to interact with these people.

The leader of the group, Coordinator Ole Johan Klipesund, and Rev. Dennis Meeker, pastor at 'Spring of Life", Kibera.

Several Activities (E) NURU Lutheran Media Ministry

On November 11 the new Board of NURU Lutheran Media Ministry was installed. Pastor Carlos, in behalf of Bishop Obare, did the installation, assisted by Rev. Enos Omodhi and Dr. Menkir Esayas.
Dr. Menkir Esayas addressing to the congregation. Dr. Esayas is the Lutheran Hour Ministry Area Director. He is Ethiopian, living in St. Louis, MO, USA.

The blessing at the end of the service. (Right: The Kumpa Maasai Choir)

NURU Board: Mr. John Maina (NURU Director), Mrs and Mr. Matthew Ole Esho (NURU Chairman), Dr. Menkir Esayas (LHM Area Director), Mrs. Edna Auma (Chairlady at Kawangware), Mrs. Esther Pelle, Mrs Lineth Shiundu (Chairlady at UHLC), Mr. John Mawra (Chairman at Kibera). Absent: Major Chuchu.

The KUMPA MAASAI CHOIR from Kajiado sang several songs at the service and they honored Mr. Matthew, Chairman and founder of the congregation.

Matthew was the Chairman at Kawangware and moved to Kumpa (100 km from Nairobi) 10 years ago, where he founded this congregation among the maasais with the support of ELCK, NURU, LEAF and MTC (Mission Training Center).

Several Activities (E) Women Prison

On November 7th, we visited the Women Prison again. Nuru - Lutheran Media Ministry, and people from the Lutheran congregations in Nairobi were together to this visit.
Dr. Menkir Esayas, Lutheran Hour Ministry (LHM) Area Director, was with the group at this visit, with his wife Ulrica (left) and a friend Ester Pelle (middle), member of Nuru Board

The mammas who have their children with them in prison were invited to this visit. Pastor Carlos led the devotion about Mark 10:13-16: "Jesus said: Let the little children come to me..." and Pastor Omodhi offered the prayer.

The babies received little caps and socks, brought by the Pastoral Leadership Institut (PLI) group who visited the ELCK on last June. THANK YOU for the ladies who made these caps and socks!

The mammas with their children and some of the visitors.

Ladies from the Lutheran congregations with packets of diappers bought by Nuru to give to the babies. (At left: The Chaplain of the Prison: Rev. Joyce Mutuku).

A 4 days old baby was visited at the prison's dispensary. He received a little cap and socks too. We prayed with him and his mother

Several Activities (E) Global Christian Forum (GCF)

Inviting by Dr. Samuel Nafzger, International Lutheran Council (ILC) Executive Secretary, to represent the ILC, Pastor Carlos participated at the Global Christian Forum (GCF) - November 6th to 9th, in Limuro (near Nairobi), Kenya. The MISSION of the GCF is "To create an open space wherein representatives from a broad range of Christian churches and interchurch organizations, which confess the Triune God and Jesus Christ as perfect in His divinity and humanity, can gather to foster mutual respect, to explore and address together common challenges".
The Lutheran participants at the Forum. Sitting at the center: Dr. Ismael Noko, Lutheran World Federation (LWF) General Secretary.

One of the small group gathered at the Forum. Standing on the left (with white beard) Dr. Walter Altmann, Moderator of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

"As a wide variety of Christian leaders, men and women coming from 72 nations and six continents, from a broad range of churches, confessions and organizations, we rejoice at the unprecedented opportunity we have enjoyed in Limuru, Kenya, from 6 to 9 November 2007. We the 245 participants have reflected on our journeys with Jesus Christ the Reconciler." This is the beginning of the "Message from the Global Christian Forum to Brothers and Sisters in Christ Throughout the World". Read the complete document at

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Several Activities (E) Visitors

Rev. Iteffa Gobena was at our service on October 28, Reformation Sunday. Rev. Gobena is the President of the Evangelical Ethiopian Church Mekane Yesus.
Rev. Dr. Ishmael Noko and Mrs. Kathryn L. Johnson were in our service on November 11. Dr. Noko is the General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation and Dr. Kathryn works at the LWF for Ecumenical Dialog. - Both participated at the Global Christian Forum, in Limuru, Kenya.


Prof. Dr. William W. Schumacher was at our service on November 11. He is from the Department of Historical Theology and Institute for Mission Studies, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, USA.

Some students from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, were with Prof. Schumacher. They spend the week at the ELCK Seminary in Matongo.


Dr. Menkir Esayas and his wife Ulrika were at our service on November 11. Dr. Esayas is the Area Director - Africa & Middle East - for the Lutheran Hour Ministry.


30 volunteers from Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, Texas, USA, visited the ELCKenya from 10 to 17 November. They organized an Eye Clinic in Kawangware, other in Meru and other in Kariti/Kirinyaga. Representatives of Salem were here twice before, to organize this program.

Bishop Walter Obare and his wife Eunice visited the eye clinic on Monday.

1700 people were seen this week in Kawangware. All received a message of the Word of God and several confessed their faith in Jesus. - Isn't this ABLAZE?

This is a "Long Term" project, and they are planning to come back on next April, and, God willing, twice a year.

God bless this brothers and sisters as they are bringing so much help for our people!

Several Activities (E) Do you know these people?

Rev. Rune M. Mjolhus, Janne and children: Seline, Rubens Mathias and Sillas. Pastor Rune is the Regional Director (East Africa) for Scripture Mission - Norwegian Lutheran Mission (
Mr. Gunstein Ohma and Mrs. Marita Bette Ohma, and children: Mats Adrian, Anina Helen,
Jens Gabriel .