Monday, 19 November 2007

Several Activities (E) NURU Lutheran Media Ministry

On November 11 the new Board of NURU Lutheran Media Ministry was installed. Pastor Carlos, in behalf of Bishop Obare, did the installation, assisted by Rev. Enos Omodhi and Dr. Menkir Esayas.
Dr. Menkir Esayas addressing to the congregation. Dr. Esayas is the Lutheran Hour Ministry Area Director. He is Ethiopian, living in St. Louis, MO, USA.

The blessing at the end of the service. (Right: The Kumpa Maasai Choir)

NURU Board: Mr. John Maina (NURU Director), Mrs and Mr. Matthew Ole Esho (NURU Chairman), Dr. Menkir Esayas (LHM Area Director), Mrs. Edna Auma (Chairlady at Kawangware), Mrs. Esther Pelle, Mrs Lineth Shiundu (Chairlady at UHLC), Mr. John Mawra (Chairman at Kibera). Absent: Major Chuchu.

The KUMPA MAASAI CHOIR from Kajiado sang several songs at the service and they honored Mr. Matthew, Chairman and founder of the congregation.

Matthew was the Chairman at Kawangware and moved to Kumpa (100 km from Nairobi) 10 years ago, where he founded this congregation among the maasais with the support of ELCK, NURU, LEAF and MTC (Mission Training Center).

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