Thursday, 24 April 2008


Eight (8) ladies from the Lutheran Missionary Women League (LWML) – Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) – USA were in Kenya from March 30th to April 12th. This postage of the BLOG presents a report about their Mission Trip. Every one of them wrote a little about their impression.
We thank the group for all support, efforts and friendship they shared with our people. Praise the LORD!

I – The team: (sitting, from the left) – Carol Martin (Ohio); Wendy Denman (Nebraska); Sandy Herron (Florida); Becky Mustard (Nebraska). (Standing, from the left:) Lynn Haven (California); Carol Albright (Ohio); Alison Dumas (California); Marilyn Treanor (Florida).
2 – They were hosted by Catherine Wangari and Rhoda Houge (Standing, first and second on the left), from the LCMS – WM Office in Nairobi, who were in charge of the schedule; and by Lidia Winterle, (Standing, on the right).

3 – The team arrived in Nairobi on Sunday morning, March 30th, and went to the Service at “Spring of Life Lutheran Church – Kibera”…

4 –where they saw the burnt cross and the church, nursery school and medical clinic, burnt during the post-election violence in Kenya. It was a big commotion to see with their own eyes what they had watched on TV in the USA.

5 – After the Service they talked with the congregants about their bad experiences during those days and about their hopes.

6 – On Monday, March 31st, Kibera again, where they interacted with IHV/AIDS infected and affected people. They are doing handcraft with support of the church and are receiving a revolving fund to begin a job.

7 – They visited the burnt facilities and heard from Mr. Emmanuel about the plans to rebuild the church, the nursery school and the other facilities.

8 – They visited Kibera’s slum…

9 – …and some Lutheran families that live in the slum.

Marilyn H Treanor
Melbourne FL

This trip was a dream come true.
Despite the long flight it was good to start our activities in worship with the congregation of Spring of Life Lutheran Church.
First week meeting and talking with the HIV positive people and hearing of their situation was heart-breaking. I have never talked with this type of people before. I was overwhelmed with the living condition of the slums of Kibera. I know I am very blessed with my lifestyle at home but after visiting the homes of the people of the congregations I can’t comprehend how they manage with so little.
I have been blessed more than I expected. Having all the singing and clapping by the people was such a joy. I hope I can share my experience with the congregations back home. This experience has deepened my faith in our awesome God. It is my prayer that my sharing with the people of Kenya was a blessing to them.

10 – On April 1st, Tuesday, they visited Kawangware and the Orphans Feeding program.

11 – 30 children are receiving lunch 5 days a week, and in some special occasion nearly 100 children are invited to come, as it was that day.

12 –The youths of the congregation are in charge of that program, preparing the food. (Mosah preparing the food).

12a – Every child receives a plate with pilau (rice with a little meat) and sits on the grass and eats with the fingers.

Carol Martin
North Royalton, Ohio
Royal Redeemer Lutheran

My experience in Kenya has been one of many contrasts. I have seen the beauty of the land, the animals, the birds, trees and flowers. I have felt the warmth of the sun and also the warmth and friendship of the people. But I have also seen widespread poverty and sadness, especially in light of the recent political and civil unrest in the country. There are many problems to be dealt with in Kenya, and yet I have been inspired and encouraged by the faith and resolve of the members and pastors at all of the churches we visited. They may need some support from us, but they have HOPE and JOY in their circumstances, which only God can give. I have received so many blessings from the people here, and it overwhelms and humbles me that I could come and minister to them in my small way.
I will keep praying for the churches in Kenya and ask God to give them wisdom and direction as they proclaim His word. I’m so grateful for the friendships I have made with everyone, including our team members. God has been doing mighty things through His people in Kenya.
In His love, Carol Martin

13 – On Wednesday, April 2nd, They visited NURU Media Ministry (The Lutheran Hour Ministry), where they were hosted by Mr. John Maina, the Director, and by the NURu staff.

14 – NURU organized a visit to Langata Women Prison, where NURU works with Correspondence Bible Course.

15 - The LWML ladies lead a Bible Study and told Bible Stories…

16 - … and interacted with the women in prison and their children…

17 - … giving them nappies, clothes, and Christian mementos, provided by the team and by Deac. Mary and Deac. Lorna with some donations from abroad.

Wendy Denman
Peace Lutheran Church
Grand Island, Nebraska, USA

This is my first experience out of the States and also on a mission trip.
I am in awe of the Kenyan and their obvious love for the Lord. They have so little as far as worldly possession go and yet so much faith, trust and hope.
Our first connection with Pastor Meeker and his congregation on Sunday morning at the Spring of Life Church in Kibera was a very moving moment. I was surprised with all of the clergy who were present. It was such a show of support for our mission team.
Each time we went out to share the word with other churches and organizations, we felt the support from the ministers from the other churches. Everyone works well as a team.
LCMS is so very blessed to have Catherine in a leadership role. She has such a connection with the people of Kenya.
My favorite events were the interaction that we had with the homeless boys at Kawangware and the women in the Women’s Prison. I really wish we had been able to spend more time with both of these groups of Kenyans.
The young men who work with the children at Kawangware are exceptional as is the group who sing with The Conquerors.
HEART was also an inspiration to me and may be my next venture as a short term missionary.
I have truly been blessed by the team of women who are on this team.

18 – On April 3rd, Thursday, they went back to Kawangware.

19 – There they worked with the HIV;AIDS infected and affected people and with the street boys.

20 – The women of the congregation, led by Deac. Mary, have a program of Bible Study and hand crafts with the mamas

21 – The street boys have a special service every Sunday morning, led by the youth of the congregation, and receive tea and bread. They can also wash their clothes there on Saturday. The goal is to have a shelter to them and showers. (Pastor Omodhi with the street boys).

22 – The HIV/AIDS people and the street boys received lunch that day.

23 – The mamas received maize meal and cooking oil as a gift from the LWML women.
9 April 2008
Alison Dumas
Light of the Hills Lutheran Church, Cameron Park, California.

My two weeks in Kenya have shown me that the field is ripe for harvest. The people of Kenya face so many challenges: HIV / AIDS, poverty, life on the streets as an orphan, the loss of homes or businesses in the recent riots and more. Meeting people who are struggling with these problems has put faces on these painful issues.
The joy and hope that I have experienced while on this mission trip is to see, the way in which the church is reaching out to help all who are hurting. There are few government programs to help people who face these challenges.
The ELCK has stepped in to provide practical help, but even better, to offer the love and comfort that only God can provide. It has been my privilege to be part of these programs- to offer hope to God’s children.
I also pray that the message we've been able to share with the church leaders in these congregations will be an encouragement to them. l have truly been blessed by the loving welcome and generous spirit of the Kenyan people. And I have been humbled by the lasting faith of these Christians who hold on to God in the face of so many problems.
They know and proclaim freely that God is good.
Praise the Lord! Alison

24 – The Conquerors are a Music/Drama Team of Kawangware. They sang very nice on Tuesday and on Thursday and the ladies enjoyed seeing how they are so active with all these activities with the orphans and with the street boys.

25 – On Saturday, April 5th, they had a Bible study and activities with several ladies at the Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral – UHLC.

Lynn Haven

My thoughts so often this few days with you all are “why me, Lord”? Why did you select me to be a part of this 8-member team of women? Jeremiah says “I know the plans I have for you…” So it is in His plans! What an experience! To meet Pastors of E.L.C.K. who are so caring to watch over us! To meet Kenyans of variety of needs. A new culture yet responding to God’s love – different needs, same God!
Asante Sana ! I will always remember this time!
Lynn Haven
(E.L.C.K. = Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya
Asante Sana = Thank You!)

26 – On Sunday, April 6th, very early in the morning, they took their way to Kumpa, Kajiado (100 km from Nairobi), where there is a Massai Lutheran Congregation.

27 – They took part in the Service and heard the testimony how they were reached by the Gospel. – After this, the team had a Safari to the Ambosseli Park, where they could see animals in their natural habitat.

Becky Mustard

This has been such an incredible experience for me. Your country is so very beautiful as are your women. I have enjoyed traveling to the different churches and meeting the pastors and women. I have gained a new understanding of being a Christian woman in another country. Our lives are so very different but our love for our Lord is the same. I will continue to pray for you and your families. God’s blessings.
Becky – your sister in Christ.

28 – On Tuesday, April 8th, they visited the New Life Center, an entity that shelter abandoned babies. They listened to a presentation how the entity is working…

29 - … and spent some time with the children

30 – On the same day, in the afternoon, they visited Kiambu, the poorest congregation of the UHLC parish, where people have a dream to build a church.

31 – The next day, April 9th, they visited a community of Ethiopians/Sudanese refugees in Ruiro (one hour from Nairobi)

31a – They became very impressed by the testimony of the people, how they suffered in their home country, and how they are now living as refugees. But all confessed gladly their faith in Jesus!

Carol Albright
4640 Boxwood Dr.
Brunswick, OH 44212

This mission trip to Kenya for me was very fulfilling.
I have wanted to come to Africa since I was a child. And I have been on 6 or 7 other trips before this one.
The team we worked with was such a great blend of personalities, and we all complimented each other wonderfully.
We did a Bible study over the internet so we got to know each other some, but after we met in Chicago spending 14 hrs. on a layover in London, we arrived in Kenya as friends.
We did many different things but I think it all was an accomplishment. The prison really touched my heart. The ladies with their children broke my heart, but I think we brought joy with our visit/ Bible Study/ and gifts.
The street boys was another touching day for me since I have two grandsons one is 17- the other is 14- and I could see them in the street boys.
Today at Rurio – with the refugees from Ethiopia – they have been through so many struggles, lost everything they had, left home and family, saw people killed or beaten in front of them and they still know that God loves them and will provide fro them and they trust in Him completely.
I know we touched people in every thing we did by planting seeds.
I was greatly touched by the love and graciousness of everyone. They would share their last piece of bread and tea if that was all they had.
I loved being a part of this team and this mission. It will live in my heart forever.
Thank you.
Carol Albright

32 – On April 10th, Thursday, they visited Kariti, a rural congregation 2 hours by bus from Nairobi.

33 – The mamas sang and danced for them…

34 -… and the LWML ladies sang and danced with the mamas too.

Sandy Herron
Christ the King Lutheran, Seminole, Florida

Where do I begin to describe my impressions of Africa?
Kenya is wonderful . the sights, the sounds, the smells, but especially the people! I will never forget my time here and the people I have met.
When I close my eyes, I will see their smiling faces; I will see the beauty of the African landscape with Mt . Kilimanjaro peeking from behind the
Clouds; I will hear the joyful singing in the churches we have visited.
We were told that our visit blessed those we interacted with but I can honestly say that I have been blessed beyond words by this experience.
Amani, (peace)

35 – Friday was a day to see Nairobi and to go shopping. And Saturday was time to prepare the luggage and to take the plane home, praising God for all protections and for all opportunities they had to share the Gospel with so many people in Kenya!

Karibu = Welcome!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Introduction: “Several Activities (G)” is not really an updated report. Some of the activities happened last year, in 2007. I received some reports late. And because of the post-election violence, the BLOG’s schedule changed too. So, sorry for some “old news”; but I think it’s important to record them at the BLOG and to share them with you as a testimony about what God is doing through His servants in Kenya.

EASTER 2008 was an ABLAZE EASTER again. We launched ABLAZE last year on Easter Sunday. We are working on a 50-Day Mission Outreach Journey, or, as we can say in Kenya, on a MISSION OUTREACH SAFARI. Between Easter and Pentecost we are highlighting how God uses His servants to spread the Gospel. The apostles were the first ones who shared the Good News about Jesus resurrection. We are God’s messengers to proclaim the Good News to people in our days, in our world.
The Gospel for Easter Sunday, Matthew 28:1-10, tells us that the angel and Jesus say to the women: GO and TELL that Jesus is alive!
The Gospel for the Second Sunday of Easter, John 20:19-31, reports us the words of Jesus: “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you!” Outreach begins in the heart of God, passes through the cross and reaches our heart; and through us, reaches other people as we are preaching the Word and sharing the Sacraments, God’s Means of Grace to bring salvation.
The Gospel for the Third Sunday of Easter, Luke 24:13-35, reports the amazing experience of the disciples on the way to Emmaus: “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” Let us open the Scripture and the Word will be Ablaze!

The children sang before they went to the Sunday School Class on Easter Sunday. So, we celebrated Easter with joy and hope, because our Redeemer lives!

On GOOD FRIDAY, Bishop Obare gave us the Absolution and consecrated the bread and the wine – the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

People wrote Confession of Sins and Prayers on small pieces of paper and fixed them on a Torn tree during the service. After the service, the Torn Tree and the papers were taken out of the church and burnt. Our sins are forgiven! Jesus died for us and rose from the dead at Easter!

Good Friday Service was a joint service English-Kiswahili. The Swahili Choir presented “The seven Words of Christ on the Cross”.

From January 13th to March 16th, on PALM SUNDAY, the Sermons were about the main doctrines of the Christian Faith according to Luther’s Small Catechism. Posters and Power Point Presentations were used to illustrate the Bible’s truth. Small Catechisms in English (with explanation and without explanation) and in Kiswahili (with explanation) were given to the families. (The Small Catechisms and other material related to were donated by: PLI group, LCMS WR-HC, LHF and Scrip. Mission; THANK YOU!)