Wednesday, 2 April 2008


We are trying to introduce our members and visitors through the BLOG. Please, if you haven’t been introduced till now, ask Lídia after the Service to take a picture of you (or of your family) and give your name(s) written on a piece of paper to her. So, you will be introduced through the BLOG too.

These are Prof. Godwin Kowero and Mrs. Isilda Nhantumbo, their niece Laura Takia, their daughter Victoria (Vicky). Isilda is from Mozambique and is the only one with whom Lídia and I can speak Portuguese!
Stephan Padre, Sarah and Alexandria Leah (Lexi – 8 and half months old)). They are from the USA; Stephen is our organist; Sarah is working for the LWF.


Jane T.Ndwigia and her sister Susan Nkemanze. Susan lives in the USA and her sister helps her here with “GRACEWORKS KENYA” – an entity that works with HIV/AIDS orphans.


Irene Kanini and her daughter Purity. They were visited by the Pastoral Staff on December 11th. Irene lost her husband in a Road Accident in November and he was buried in Tanzania.

Emmanuel Nyamweya Mogeni, Gladys Kemunto Nyamweya and their children: Mitchel Nyamduko and Joshwa Gitenyi. Joshwa was baptized on December 23rd.

Dr. Dmitri Zaroslovd and Milllen Noni.


Justus Nyang’au , the General Manager of Scripture Mission.

Sabina Bosibori Oseko and her daughters: Janet Viviane Monyenye and Janice Valerie Moraa.



Evelyn Boren visited us on January 6th, just on her birthday!. She is from Arizona, USA and comes several times to Kenya. Her friends: Gustin, Veronica and Mary.

Eight ladies from the Lutheran Women Missionary League –LWML – LCMS, are visiting the ELCK this and the next week( from March 30th to April 12th) . They are: Sandy Herron (Florida), Becky Mustard (Nebraska), Wendy Denman (Nebraska), Marilyn Treanor (Florida), Alison Dumas (California), Lynn Haven (California), Carol Albright (Ohio), Carol Martin (Ohio); and they came to see and to help the work among the children, among the HIV/AIDS women and the mission that is being done in Kenya. Catherine (right on the picture) and Rhoda, from the LCMS-WM office, are in charge of their schedule. WELCOME AND GOD’S BLESSINGS!

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