Sunday, 16 September 2007


Kristine Bokane
Kristine Bokane, born in Latvia and now living in Kenya, was instructed in the Christian faith and was baptized on 22nd July 2007. Her fiance (now her husband; their marriage on 18th August in Latvia) was her sponsor.
"Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved." (Mark 16:16).
The Wekes

The Wekes brought their three children to be baptized on 22nd July 2007: Lennox Odhiambo, Immaculate Akinyi and Jim Rolex. The Kimaros are their neighbors and brought them to the church; they were the God-parents.

The baptized, with the parents, God-parents, pastors and some elders.



Anna Karolina Gudmundsson, born on 15/May/1975, in Germany (Swedish family), received instruction in the Christian faith and was baptized on 12th August 2007. The sponsors: Veronica Nderito and Maria-Jose Olavarria.

Karolina with her sponsors and friends from United Nations (ON).



Ryan Kinyanjui Kagiri, born on 08/June/2007, baptized on 12/August/2007, with his parents (left in the picture), Simon and Charity, and with his Godparents Thomas and Janeffer.

Several Activities (C) - 2 - Kibera

A group of African-Americans volunteers from a High School of St. Louis,Missouri, EUA came to Spring of Life Congregation, Kibera, end of July, to help them to built a Basketball Court. The goal of that project is to reach more youths with God's Word through sport, as many leaders of the UHLC parish came to the Lutheran church in the past.
In the picture: The Principal of the High School talking with the youths.
The Basketball Court

The basketball court was done by professional people, helped by the volunteers and by the youth from Kibera

Bishop Obare led the launch ceremony, with God's Word and prayer.

In the picture: The engineer responsible for the construction, Rev. Omodhi, Rev. Chuchu, Bishop Obare, Mr. John Maina (Director of Nuru - Lutheran Hour Ministry and partner in this project), Mr. Emanuel (Spring of Life - Kibera - leader), and Jared, from Nuru.


Bishop Obare: The first one!

Bishop Walter Obare was the first one to put the ball in the basket!!! CONGRATULATION!!!

Several Activities (C) - 3 - Kawangware

Rev. Rueben

Kawangware has a new pastor: Rev. Rueben. He was graduated last June in the Seminary in Etiopia. - Wellcome, Rev. Rueben, and God blesse your work!
On the back of the picture you can see Kevin Pieper and Paul Althoff. They were here last June with a group of their congregation, looking for opportunities to serve. They are from Tembo, Texas, USA. Their congregation decided to develop a project in Kawangware and they came back (26th August) to organize a volunteer trip next November.
A special gift

On 29th July, Pastor Carlos visited the congregation in Kawangware to offer the Lord's Supper and to give a special gift to the Youth Group: Vicar Nathan, before going back to the USA, let his guitar as a donation to the Kawangware Youth singers; and Vicar Nathan asked to P.Carlos to give the guitar to the group. Was a very special day for all there! - THANK YOU, VICAR NATHAN!


Sunday School Teachers and the Singers received a T-Shirt from the Kansas University (KU), USA, donated by Kody, a student from the KU that visited Kenya in June/July with the PLI group.
NURU Drama Team
On the same Sunday, the Nuru Drama Team launched two VCD with some of their performances. In the picture: Mrs. Edna Auma, Chairlady of the congregation.

Several Activities (C) - 4 - The construction

The model of the building

On 1st September, Bishop Walter Obare took part in the UHLC Elders Meeting, to talk about the construction that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya - ELCK is doing behind the UHLCathedral. The ELCK received a loan from the Lutheran Extention Found (LEF). Part of the offices will be the headquarter of the ELCK; part of the ground floor will be offices and meeting room for the UHLC; and the other offices will be rented. All visited the construction.
(In the picture: The model of the building.)
ELCK Officers

The ELCK Officers are: Rev. John Halakhe, General Secretary; Rev. David Chuchu, in charge of the Projetcs; Presiding Bishop Walter Omwanza Obare; and Mr. John Michoro, Treasurer

Several Activities (C) - 5 - Services

The Lord's Prayer

On 1st August P.Carlos preached a sermon about the Lord's Prayer, using posters with the different parts of the Lord's Prayer to explain better what we are asking for in this model prayer.
Dr. Ebenezer Boafo

On 2nd September, Dr. Ebenezer Boafo, from the International Bible Society, preached in our service. The text was Acts 2:5-8: "Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven...Utterly amazed, they asked: '...How is it that each of us hears them in his own native language?" He focused the necessity to have the Bible translated in the language people can understand the message of God's love in Jesus.


September is our Harvest Month and we are discussing on the theme of Stewardship and Spiritual Blessedness. Special readings are done in the services about the theme. Please, pick up your harvest envelop and give your Thanksgiving Offering with joy!

Several Activities (C) - 6 - Mozambique


This a tipical village in the rural area of Mozambique. We saw several when we traveled to the North of Maputo (3 hours by car). But Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is a modern city, in the cost of the Indian Ocean.
The delegation

Invited by some leaders of the Ev.Luth.Church in Mozambique - ELCM, representatives of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod - World Mission visited Mozambique from 7 to 12 September 2007. The goal of the visit was to know one another and to offer to the ELCM partnership in some areas, as Theological Education, Health, and others. As Mozambique is a Portuguese speaking country, and as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brazil - ELCB (IELB) sent some representatives in 2005 for first contacts, Pastor Carlos was invited to be there too, representing the ELCB and to help in translation Portuguese-English and vice-versa.

In the pictures: Rev. Joseph Alfazema, Rev. Carlos W. Winterle, Dr. Paul Müller, LCMS WM Area Director for Africa, and Bishop David Tswaedi, from the Lutheran Church South Africa - LCSA (Plus: Mrs. Joy Müller, in the next pictures, part of the delegation).

Rev. Alfazema was born in Mozambique and flew as refugee during the war, when he was 15 years old. In Tanzania, he had contact with the Lutheran Church. After this, he came to Kenya, where he studied in the Matongo Seminary as Evangelist, in the same time Pastor Omodhi was studying there too. Then he went to Canada, where he graduated as pastor at the Lutheran Seminary in St. Catharines last year, coming back to the village where he was born as a missionary. In one year, he planted four congregations. All his work is done by bicycle. He is working 1700km (more or less) North of Maputo, Mozambique's capital, in a very poor area, sponsored by some congregations of the Lutheran Church Canada.


After the Service

Bishop David Tswaedi - LCSA, Rev. José Mabasso - President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mozambique, Mrs. Joy Müller - LCMS WM+WR Project Manager, and Dr. Paul Müller - LCMS WM Africa Director, after the service in Maxaquene.
The Lutheran Churches in Maputo

The "MARTINHO LUTERO" congregation in the city of Maputo, capital of Mozambique; and the church in Maxaquene, one of the suburbs of Maputo. The service on Sunday was in Maxaquene.
The Lutheran World Federation

We had a meeting with the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) staff in Maputo, and another meeting with the LWF staff in Chokwé, Gaza. The LWF played a very important role during and after the independence war and the civil war that followed the independence, helping the refugees. Now, the LWF has important projects helping people in the areas of agriculture, health, development, etc.
The leaders in Lione

The people from Lione were waiting for us. We gathered under a tree. The work is lead by Martina, a catechist. Pastor Mabasso visits the congregation every two months to celebrate the Lord's Supper.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Several Activities (C) -7 - Do you know this people?

Zedekiah Nyanyu and family

Zedekiah is playing trumpet sometimes in our services, invited by our organist Douglas Ndege.
Magnus and Anna Dahlbacka

Magnus and Anna are finnish missionaries in Kenya. When they are in Nairobi, they are in our service. They came to Kenya last year. The baby was born last June.


Kennedy and Isabela Ombati

Kennedy is the caretaker at UHLC. Little Hurriet was born on 24th June. They were visited by the pastoral staff on 18th July. They live near the church in Kawangware.


Dr. Paul and Joy Müller

Rev. Dr. Paul Müller is the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) -World Mission Director for all Africa. His wife Joy is responsible for the LCMS World Mission and World Relief Projects for Africa. They are from the USA.

Rev. Claude and Rhoda Houge

Rev. Claude Houge is the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) -Area Facilitator - East Africa, and responsible for the Mission Trainig Centers. His wife Rhoda is responsible for the LCMS Office -East Africa - finances and is one of the organists at UHLC. They are from the USA.


Dickson and Tatiana Winterle von Mühlen

Our son-in-law Dickson von Mühlen and our daughter Tatiana visited us from August 10th to September 6th. They were in four services at UHLC. We did a safari with them to Masai Mara.God blessed their stay in Nairobi with us and their trip to here and back to Brazil. They loved this opportunity to be here.
To all members of UHLC: Please, ask to my wife Lídia to take a picture of you and your family after the service and give her the names written in a paper, so that you can be introduce through this BLOG to our Christian family too. Thank you. Pastor Carlos.