Sunday, 16 September 2007

Several Activities (C) - 4 - The construction

The model of the building

On 1st September, Bishop Walter Obare took part in the UHLC Elders Meeting, to talk about the construction that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya - ELCK is doing behind the UHLCathedral. The ELCK received a loan from the Lutheran Extention Found (LEF). Part of the offices will be the headquarter of the ELCK; part of the ground floor will be offices and meeting room for the UHLC; and the other offices will be rented. All visited the construction.
(In the picture: The model of the building.)
ELCK Officers

The ELCK Officers are: Rev. John Halakhe, General Secretary; Rev. David Chuchu, in charge of the Projetcs; Presiding Bishop Walter Omwanza Obare; and Mr. John Michoro, Treasurer

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