Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Dear Friends,
The BLOG was ready to be finished when we received the news of our Grandson Martin’s accident and death on November 22nd. It was impossible to work on the BLOG at that sad time, as I wrote to you in the last Mission Newsletter. Lídia and I went to Germany to see our son Léo, Martin’s father, to give strength to each other and to look together for comfort in the Word of God. We came back to Nairobi on December 3rd.
We are still mourning and God is giving us strength and power to support us in such a big sorrow. - We are back with a new postage about SEVERAL ACTIVITIES at the Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral and in Kenya. I add some recent activities that happened in December. Follow us and pray for us. Thank you for your support and your love.
Pastor Carlos Walter & Lídia Winterle


MRS. JEAN OCHICH and little Byron were visited by the Pastoral Staff. Dr. George Ochich was abroad and the children Lisa, Evans and Robin were at school. Deaconess Mary and Janneth joined Pastor Carlos in this visit.

Byron George Young Ochich was born on August 8th and received the Sacrament of the Holy baptism at the family’s home church on November 1st.
Ebenezer MeryBel and his wife Prabula Ebenezer + the children Shery and Shion Chrisbell were visited by Pastor Omodhi and Pastor Carlos on their 13th wedding anniversary
Jacob Okeche, Eunice Akikyi Odhiambo and the little Fabian Martin Okeche were visited by the Pastoral staff in preparation for Fabian’s baptism. Jacob’s brother and a cousin spent the lunch time with us too.

Fabian was baptized at the Cathedral on 8th November.

Dr. Jared Ongechi Mecha, Beatrice Chepng’eno Mutai Mecha and the little
Daniel Mecha Ongechi were visited by the Pastoral Staff in preparation for
Daniel’s baptism.

Daniel was baptized at the Cathedral on 15th November, and both grandmothers
were present, with the godparents, aunts and friends.

Bishop Walter Obare led the service and preached at the Cathedral on 15th
November, being also the Celebrant.

After the Service, the four pastors greeted the people: Pastor Isaiah, Pastor Omodhi, Bishop Obare, Pastor Carlos.

He also blessed little Daniel, who had been baptized that day.

A Norwegian Youth Group visited the Cathedral on November 1st. They will stay for several weeks in Kenya, working in the mission field through Scripture Mission. God bless them all!

NURU Lutheran Media Ministry (The Lutheran Hour) Drama Team performed at the Cathedral on November 1st. This was the first presentation of that team. Their goal is to share the Gospel through drama in schools, prisons, hospitals and other places.

“Stewardship” was the theme of several services in October and November, according to the Gospels of the Sundays (See the last Mission Newsletter). Pastor Carlos prepared a Power Point presentation to illustrate the Biblical Teachings and preached twice in the Swahili Service too (with translation by Pr. Omodhi and by Mr. Oscar).

Dr. Mike Kosky, WMPL Africa Program Coordinator, (World Mission Prayer League) had a meeting with Heart to Heart Orphans Children Center on November 9th to share experiences about both entities. Julia (on the right) is a WMPL missionary serving directly HHOCC.

A Maasai Singers Group from Kumpa, Kajiado, were at our Service on 6th December.
– The little Maasai was well dressed as well!


Some ELCK representatives took part at CUAHA meeting at the end of October. CUAHA Chairperson Birgitta IRantakari explains at the foreword of the book: Towards an HIV and AIDS Competent Church, launched on the last day of the meeting, about CUAHA: “CUAHA (Churches United Against HIV & AIDS in East­ern and Southern Africa) is a network that was initi­ated as an appeal from churches of various denomi­nations seeking to find a common voice to share their concern and heart for reaching out to everyone in our world of HIV and AIDS. Since its inception in 2002, CUAHA has developed into a vibrant ecumenical network representing churches and faith-based organizations cooperating to face HIV and AIDS in their communities. The net­work includes over 40 churches and organizations of Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Ortho­dox and Pentecostal denominations in Finland and 13 African countries (Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swa­ziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe).
Ev. Sylvester (at the right in the picture) is the official ELCK representative at CUAHA and coordinates several activities among the PLWHA (People Living with HIV and AIDS) through the Diocese and through HHOCC.

Some of CUAHA statements: “In HIV work, one must reach the people. Not just the city folks, the educated, the politically active, but absolutely everyone. Churches can do that, especially when they act together. In southern and Eastern Africa, no one has better networks than religious communities. They are trusted and respected, often far more than other institutions.”

“CUAHA believes that, in the era of the HIV epidemic, churches must earn that trust with their actions. Our aim is to help them use their influence responsibly and well in their response to HIV and AIDS – a struggle where nothing is more important than the dignity and life of each individual human being."

Ecumenical cooperation against the HIV epidemic has never been simple. CUAHA’s members have, however, managed to move past their theological and cultural differences and towards a common goal: a society where everyone is free to participate, the most vulnerable are cared for and no one is denied their rights because of their HIV status.”

The difference between the Lutheran Church in Kenya and the churches in Brazil and in the USA in this area is that the Africans live side by side daily with infected and affected people (PLWHA). The church is not omitted in her responsibility toward the PLWHA. This is our reality here and many groups receive support through HHOCC.

SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (Q) - 3 - Sunday School Rally + HHOCC

– The traditional Sunday School Rally took place last Thursday, on December 10th at UHLC. 190 children from Kibera, Kiambu, Kawangware and UHLC came together.
– A set of puppets donated by an American volunteer (Thank You, Joseph!) was used for the very first time and the children loved it!

– Some of the teachers, with some helpers, cooked for all the children and Sunday school Teachers.

– After the first session, the children were divided for groups under and above 6 years old. The little ones gathered outside TO HEAR God’s Word and to play.

– They had also the opportunity to play with the puppets’.

– Children sitting in a circle on the grass and doing some activities.
– Heart to Heart Orphans Children Center – HHOCC - organized the traditional CHRISTMAS PARTY on December 12th in Kawangware. – The several groups supported by HHOCC were there. – The HIV/AIDS infected/affected women group sang and danced, giving a good testimony how the church has given them a new hope through the Gospel and through the help (food, counseling, Bible studies) they receive.

– The orphans sang and performed as well. Many brought their siblings to the special event.

– The church was full with the supported people and HHOCC friends. Nearly 200 people were gathered.

– Special food was prepared for all of them.

– Deaconess Mary Eliaikao Khainga leading part of the presentations.

– A little one slept on her mothers shoulder…

We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEARKRISMASI NJEMA NA MWAKA MPYA MWEMA ! May God be with us all in 2010 with His grace and with His love!

Pastor Carlos Walter and Lídia Winterle