Saturday, 10 July 2010


The WORLD CUP in South Africa is over! We were supporting BRAZIL (of course!) and the African Teams.
Unfortunately none of them won the World Cup! Sorry!

Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva came to Africa. He visited Kenya and met Pres. Kibaki. “Kenya and Brazil signed six key agreements aimed at the boosting trade, investments and economic ties between them” (Pictures and text from the National News, p. 8).
President Lula went to South Africa to launch the WORLD CUP 2014 in BRAZIL! Welcome to Brazil in 2014! Pack your luggage and save money. Brazil is a country worthy to be visited!

Rev. Dr. Arthur A. Just, from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN, USA, was our guest preacher on 6th June.

He has been several times in Kenya, reaching at Matongo Seminary and doing other activities as well.
Volunteers: LCMS World relief & Human Care MERCY MEDICAL TEAM took part in the service on the same Sunday. 17 volunteers, led by Jacob Fiene, came for a 5- day Medical Clinic + for a 5-day Home Based Seminar held in Atemo, Lake diocese.
UFUNUO (Revelation) CHOIR sang that Sunday,
and Fared & Helvi, Namibian student at the Nairobi University, sang in their mother tongue Ochiwambo.
Rev. Glenn F. Merrit was the guest preacher on 13th June (in the picture with his wife). He is the Director of Disaster Response of LCMS World Relief and Human Care.
Mr. Hans Springer, Associate Executive Director Fund Development (LCMS WR & HC) accompanied Rev. Glenn.
Mr. Norbert Knaus, from “St. Paul Lutheran Church”, Pretoria, South Africa, visited us on 13th June.
On 20th June it was Rev. Rune Mjolhus’ farewell. He was the Resident Representative of Norwegian Lutheran Mission in East Africa - NLM EA and the Director of SMEA and NNM. He moved back to Norway to be the General Director of the NLM. - We are missing you all: Rev. Rune & Jane and children: Seline, Rubens, Silas and Valentin. God’s blessing to you in your home country and at your new position.
Rev. Rich Tursic & Kathy with their children: Andrew, Kelly and Scott are visiting Kenya for some days. They spent the first day in Kenya visiting the Elephant Orphanage and the Orphan’s Feeding Program in Kawangware. They are from the USA, but they were missionaries in China for a long time. God bless them as they are visiting some of the ELCK and Mission Training Center – MTC mission station and enjoying the beautiful safaris in Kenya.
A new Adult Class is ongoing at UHLC.
The candidates have classes after the English service.
They are studying the principal doctrines of the Bible following the Small Catechism.
Deac. Kathleen Lutz and Deac. Mary Khainga (not in the picture) are in charge of this class.
The English Choir, led by Pianist Mozart, has their rehearsal after the English service as well. They sing at the Service almost every Sunday; most of the singers are youth from Kenya and from Namibia (Temporary in Kenya as students at the Nairobi University).
Joseph Wachira & Ann + Ryan were visited on 1st June. His brother and sister-in-law were with them on that day.
Bishop Obare installed the UHLC new Elders elected at the Annual General Assembly, 27th June.
The installation took place at the English Service on 4th July. The new Elders are as follows:
Mrs. Linnet Shiundu
Mr. Martin Akuku

Eng Lawrence Atera

Mrs. Beata Balint
Dr. Jared Mecha
Mr. Muloko Kongolo
Prof. Andrew Guidamis

Ms. Helvi (Youth representative)
Ex-Chief Samson Malombe
Mr. Zephania Aming’a
Mr. David Mollel

Mr. Amos Nyamoko
Mrs. Jane Orutwa
Mrs. Loreen Asacha.
They were introduced at the Swahili Service as well
and Bishop prayed over them.

Mrs. Inger Margareta Otieno Malo passed away on 1st June. She was born on 1st May 1948 in Sweden.
She was married to Prof. Joseph Otieno Malo. Both owned the longest membership at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral, since July 1972. Whenever she was not traveling she was always a faithful participant of the UHLC services with her husband.
She took part in several activities in the church and in the society as well, leading prayer and Bible Study groups, helping the needy and living her Christian faith day-by-day. (In the picture: Cleaning the Cathedral’s windows on the ‘general cleaning day last year’).
She worked more than 30 years as Librarian at the University of Nairobi. Many friends and relatives came to the funeral.
The funeral was held on 8th July: A short moment of prayer with the family at the mortuary; then the main Service at the church, where several relatives and friends spoke; then a short moment at her house (in the picture); and finally the ceremony at the Langata Crematory.
Her family: Arne Shadrack Malo (son), Prof. Joseph Otieno Malo (husband), Carl Malo (nephew), Lois Malo (Niece), Lois Maj Malo (daughter) and Dalvin Bangura (grandson). The other grandson André Malo couldn’t come.- Prof. Malo will spend some times in Sweden, were their children live. – REST IN THE PEACE OF THE LORD!


Some of us from the UHLC visited the new Maasai Congregation in Kibiko settlement Scheme on 30th June. Maasais from different places: Kajiado, Ewaso, Narok and Magadi, where displaced during the long dry spell because they lost the source of their livelihood, their cows. They were settle in Kibiko and are now farming. – The church stands on a nice hill, surrounded by small farms of maize and bean fields.
We took books and pencils for the school and biscuits and fruits to share with all.

They welcomed us with Maasai Christian songs.
The teacher was teaching Mathematics to the children who were seated on stones along the wall of the little iron sheet church that is also used as a classroom. Around 120 children live in that area, but not all of them can come to the school because some cannot pay the KSH 100.00 per month to the teacher (US$ 1.33).

Pastor Moses Konana Ole Sinandei is the pastor of Euwuaso Parish and established that congregation as well a year ago. (Deac. Maty, Pastor Moses and the teacher)

Pastor Carlos and Pastor Isaiah. (The shirt I was wearing was made by Massais from that parish.) – Each of us had the opportunity to introduce himself and to address a message to the people. All speeches (in English or in Swahili) were translated to the Maasai language by Pastor Moses.

The teacher receiving the two boxes full of books and pencils.
The children are happy with their new books!

Children in line to receive the biscuits.

Mamas also in line…

and receiving the biscuits.

Deac. Kathleen distributing some gifts.

Children sitting outside, happily eating the biscuits and the fruits.
Beata was happy to see the children!
The old Massai man is not yet a Lutheran, but he brings his grandchildren to the church and to the school.

Before we left they sang again and all stood together for a picture.
As we were getting into the car, they said: KWAHERI = Good bye. – Pray for these people and for Pastor Moses. He is doing a good and blessed job! He will be ordained on August 1st.
MOZAMBIQUE: I am going to Mozambique from 25th July to 7th August to introduce a Theological Education by Extension – TEE program in Sena, in the north of. This course is offered by the Seminário Concórdia of Brazil. There is a new Lutheran Church growing in Sena, led by Pastor Joseph Alfazema and sponsored by two congregations of the Lutheran Church Canada. Eight candidates are enrolled in the program: Jolinho Minez Nhapigode, Ernesto Nhama Domingos, Rui Jaleni, Manuel Jone Jambo, Jordão Mairoci, João Luis Nota, Julho Albano, Mateus Domingos Sifa. Mozambique is a former Portugal colony and they speak Portuguese besides their local language. Pray for the candidates and for Pastor Alfazema. More details in the next Blog.