Wednesday, 16 December 2009

SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (Q) - 3 - Sunday School Rally + HHOCC

– The traditional Sunday School Rally took place last Thursday, on December 10th at UHLC. 190 children from Kibera, Kiambu, Kawangware and UHLC came together.
– A set of puppets donated by an American volunteer (Thank You, Joseph!) was used for the very first time and the children loved it!

– Some of the teachers, with some helpers, cooked for all the children and Sunday school Teachers.

– After the first session, the children were divided for groups under and above 6 years old. The little ones gathered outside TO HEAR God’s Word and to play.

– They had also the opportunity to play with the puppets’.

– Children sitting in a circle on the grass and doing some activities.
– Heart to Heart Orphans Children Center – HHOCC - organized the traditional CHRISTMAS PARTY on December 12th in Kawangware. – The several groups supported by HHOCC were there. – The HIV/AIDS infected/affected women group sang and danced, giving a good testimony how the church has given them a new hope through the Gospel and through the help (food, counseling, Bible studies) they receive.

– The orphans sang and performed as well. Many brought their siblings to the special event.

– The church was full with the supported people and HHOCC friends. Nearly 200 people were gathered.

– Special food was prepared for all of them.

– Deaconess Mary Eliaikao Khainga leading part of the presentations.

– A little one slept on her mothers shoulder…

We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEARKRISMASI NJEMA NA MWAKA MPYA MWEMA ! May God be with us all in 2010 with His grace and with His love!

Pastor Carlos Walter and Lídia Winterle

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