Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Several Activities (H) 6 - Do you know these people?

Several students from Namibia are studying at the University of Nairobi. 82,1% of the inhabitants of Namibia are Christians (51,2% are Lutherans).
They are coming to our service. We had a meeting with them on May 3rd, Saturday, and on Sunday May 4th they sang at the service in Oshiwambo, one of the many languages spoken in Namibia.

In the picture: (from left to right) Eddie B. Hasheela, Olivia Tsibes, Hyderick Basson, Ottilie Shivolo and Johannes Namwira.

In the picture: (From left to right) Ester, Helvi , Justus, Hilda, Fabiola, Hileni, Ottilie, Meno, Johannes, Martha, Olivia, Sofia, (kneeling) Helena, Taimi, Ester, Fares.

Christine Fatma and her daughter Megan.

Julia Harrington, from Christ Lutheran Church in Georgia, USA; volunteer Missionary for World Mission Prayer League. Worked in Samburu, working to assist in dispensaryadministration, from Oct 2006-August 2007. Now settled in Nairobi (Project assistant and fundraiser, recording secretary, parish bookkeeper); doing volunteer work for the Cathedral. She has been in Kenya for 1 year and 7 months.

Rev. Charles Jackson and his wife Anita. Pastor in Samburu.

Lawrence Onkwa.

Wycliffe Ondoro Okoth

Michel Ngoy Mulunda, from Congo; LUCCEA Youth Leader.

Thaddayo (Teddy) Ogendo and his wife Rhoda, and their children: Samuel, Edna, Derrick, Philip and Sheila. They were visited by the Pastoral Staff at their home on May 1st.

Janet Karambu Mosigisi and Lídia.

Clara Omodhi (Pastor Omodhi’s wife) and Lídia.

Catherine Wangari, LCMS-WM Karen Office secretary and responsible for the Volunteer Teams.

A group of visitors from Finland were at the service on April 20th, led by Rev. Osmo Harjula, Principal at Matongo Seminare, and his wife Arja.
So, we can quote the Apostle Paul in Acts 14:27: “They reported all that God had done through them and how He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles”. To HIM be the glory!

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