Monday, 26 August 2013

Mozambique 2013 - D - The TEE Venue

This was the kitchen of the guest house…

the toilet…

(I think that’s why the papaya tree grew so high…)

 I got fresh papayas several times here too.

Mrs. Branca (branca means: white) and her daughter were the cooks. 

All the food was prepared outside,

on this coal stove.

Mrs. Branca is a good cook…

and big pots were necessary to feed the eight students + me.

Mrs. Branca has a small garden,

from where she collected fresh leaves.

These are pumping leaves and flowers, which she prepared with crushed peanuts.

(A head of a goat on the roof of the kitchen…)

This is the way she was ironing her clothes…

…with a coal iron.

She has grandchildren…

…and one of them was always helping granny ,

…crushing some grains.

The train full of mineral coal passed two or three times a day from Tete to the port in Beira, making a big noise and we had to stop the classes for a while because of the noise. 

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