Monday, 26 August 2013

Mozambique 2013 - B - The Guesthouse

The day after we went to Sena, 500 km and a 9-hour drive on a terrible road. But we reached Sena safely and this house was waiting to host me during the next 10 days.It's the same house that hosted me two years ago.

Shadreck, the house keeper, was my helper to warm water, to wash the dishes, to buy bread and fruits (bananas and tangerines), mineral water and to clean the house.

Papaya trees guaranteed fresh papaya every morning.

The water pump was broken, unfortunately.

This house was the only brick house…

in the midst of a straw hut village in one end of Sena Village (Picture taken from my guesthouse). The students were hosted in a guesthouse in the other end of the village.

Some huts had electricity, others didn’t.

I could hear early in the morning the women crushing maize and millet in the mortar

Children all around, always coming to the gate to say Hallo.

As there was no running water, I had to have a wash in this basin. Shadreck brought me warm water every morning and every evening.  It's hard water. 

The house had a good lounge, that serve as my office as well.

a kitchen…

and three bedrooms.

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