Monday, 26 August 2013

Mozambique 2013 - C - The TEE Students

The students were waiting for me and we came together on the night of my arrival (Tuesday).

– The Director of Projct Kuwangisana, Mr. Gabriel Miandica, came to visit the students the day after.

I took some samples of the Mensageiro Luterano (Lutheran Witness, in Portuguese) to the students with reports about the TEE classes in 2012.

They became excited as they saw their pictures and names in the articles.

As reaction of the article written by Rev. Horst Kuchenbecker, who was in Sena last year for the TEE program, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brazil decided to collect a special offering for the students.

They were very happy when I told them about the donation and asked them to make a list of their needs.

These are the students: Júlio Albano Castomo…

… and his family.

João Luis Nota…

…and his family.

Rui Jolene Sousa…

…and his family.

Ernesto Domingos Raposo…

…and his family in front of their house. 

Paulo Ernesto Mineses…

…and his family.

Jolinho Mineses Nhapigode…

…and his family.

Manuel Jone Jambo Macualo…

…and his family in front of their house.

Mateus Domingos Sifa…

…and his family in front of their house.

This is the fourth stage of the TEE program, sponsored by the Seminário Concórdia, São Leopoldo, Brazil. The local expenses (food, guestroom, hotel, transport) are sponsored by Kapasseni Project, Canada. My flights, visa and other expenses are sponsored by LCMS donors through LCMS World Mission. St. Thomas and FELSISA give me two weeks every year for this TEE program, according to a MOU signed by all the partners. 

We had the classes in this room, in the other guest house, where the students were hosted.

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