Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mozambique 2013 - I - Visiting some Families

Classes began on Monday regularly. On Wednesday afternoon, after class, we visited Jambo and Mateus, who are in charge of St. Paul Church in Sena. They picked some native fruits to offer:

Maçanica. Tastes good!

Children are all around,

and they like to have their picture taken.

People who live around the church came for a chat and more pictures.

Some of the ladies of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

Jaime, standing between pastor Mateus and pastor Jambo, had been baptized on Sunday and was very happy.

The Elders of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

The TEE course finished on Wednesday afternoon. The students wrote a Thank You letter to the church in Brazil. – Pastor André Plamer from Brazil was supposed to come with me to Mozambique, but unfortunately he didn’t get his visa. He applied again for the visa and he got it. He arrived in Beira on 25 August and will stay in Mozambique till 18 September. Pray for him and for his wife. 

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