Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mozambique 2013 - G - The students ready to go home for the weekend

On Friday, after the classes, the students prepared themselves to go home for the weekend.

 They all came to my guesthouse to fetch the new belongings.

We prayed together for the gifts and that God should bless and protect them as they ride the bicycles to share the Gospel.

Their faces were shining with happiness.

They unwrapped the bicycles and did some adjustments. One of them is a master in bicycle (to adjust and repair them).

They carried what they could load  on the bicycles.

Food had priority.

These two had to ride for about four hours to reach their huts.

This is how they fixed the 50 kg of rise on the bicycles. 

Two of them live in Chemba, 60 km from Sena. We took their bicycles and other stuff in the car when we went there for the Service on Saturday afternoon. (Thank you, Driver Micas, for taking us in all places for the services).  

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