Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mozambique 2013 - F - Gifts from Brazil

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brazil – IELB, collected a special offering to help the students and their families. I asked them to make a list of priorities and to make a quotation of the items listed. Food was in first place. I asked them if they need a bicycle. Their eyes shined! What about tools to work in the machamba (little farm)? Some clothes? Some kitchen staff?

After the classes late afternoon we went to the street market. The first thing we bought was a bicycle for each one of them.

Paying the bicycles (around US$ 100.00 each).

After this we bought rice…

– 50 kg to each family.

A Toyota from Kuwangisana helped us to fetch what we had purchased,  even the bicycles.

Everything was stored in my guesthouse.

(rice, food)

Another day we searched for kitchen staff.

Mrs. Gabriel, Director of Kuwangisana, came with us to ask for a discount.

We bought several plastic containers and buckets, metal plates, cups and spoons…

…bargaining in each shop to get a better prize.

They said their wives would be very happy to have this all to keep water in their huts.

Another day we bought cooking pans, a set of 6 pans to each family...

... eight coal irons and tools for their machamba: eight  axes, eight rakes.

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