Saturday, 8 March 2008


Because of the post-election violence in Kenya, our pastoral work was suffering (read at the end of this BLOG the letter that was send to the congregants the day we traveled). On Wednesday, January 30th, it was decided that on Friday, February 1st, we should go to Brazil, to work there for one month, sharing with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil our work and experiences in Kenya.

On Thursday Lídia and I had a meeting with Pastor Omodhi and his wife Clara, and another meeting with Bishop Obare and his wife Eunice, to share the plans with them.
Then we came home and prepared our luggage till late in the night.

Mombasa Rd, the way to the airport.

And on Friday we took the plain to Johannesburg, South Africa (4 hours flight), where we had to wait until the next day to take the flight to São Paulo (11 hours flight); and from São Paulo we took another flight to Porto Alegre (1:30 hours flight), where we arrived past mid-night on February 3rd..

God helped us and protected us in all flights and journeys, and blessed our work in Brazil. To HIM be the glory!

Letter sent through the E-Bulletin to all congregants and read at the service by Pastor Omodhi at the Service the following Sunday we traveled:

Dear Friends:

This is more than a Bulletin. This is a letter, a pastoral letter to my congregants. I and my wife Lídia are going back to Brazil for a short time, maybe three (3) weeks, God willing. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod – World Mission (LCMS-WM) asked us to go and to promote the mission in Kenya there. Part of my job to remain as a missionary in Kenya and Pastor at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral is to raise awareness of the work we are doing as well as support for my work in my home country. Because of the post-election violence, visits and other activities in the congregation have been curtailed. That allows us to take advantage of this time to fulfill this other important responsibility in order for me to continue in service to you and the church here in Kenya.

Lídia and I are very sad because of this situation and we trust in God that we can come back as soon as possible. We love Kenyan people, we love the country, we love our work, and we love the Church of our Lord Jesus.

We will use this time to promote the work in Kenya and to find as many contacts as possible in Brazil to talk about the mission possibilities in Kenya and about the good social work that has been done among children/orphans, street boys, HIV/AIDS infected and affected, and other needy people. We will talk about the friendship we have with you and about the blessings God is pouring over the ELCK, particularly over the Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral and Parish.

We apologize that we cannot say “Good by” to you personally. We are sure that God has His good plans for us with this trip. It will be the first time we are going home during the 16 months we have been working among you. All the work will be continued during our absence. Pastor Omodhi is in charge of the parish and God will bless him more and more.

“Now I commit you to GOD and to the work of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.” (Acts 20:32)
Pastor Carlos Walter and Lídia Winterle

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