Saturday, 8 March 2008


(Daniele, Lídia, Irene and Kuki)
As we arrived at the airport in São Paulo on February 2nd, where we waited 6 hours for the connection to Porto Alegre, Lídia’s two sisters and a niece came to welcome us: Irene, Eunice (Kuki) and Daniela. We talk a lot and eat a good pizza. Irene lives in São Paulo and Kuki was visiting her. (We didn't meet Lídia's brothers: Rev. Carlos, who is Pastor in Passo Fundo, RS; and Luiz Gustavo, who lives in Germany).

Once in Porto Alegre, I met my brother and my sisters too. First we visited Dóra, who lives in Porto Alegre. (The others live in Santa Cruz do Sul, two hours by car from Porto Alegre).

(Oscar, Clara, Ruth, Dóra, Walter)

And on Sunday, February 24, after the Service, Dóra invited us all for a lunch, and some cousins and nephews too: my brothers Oscar + Regina, my sisters Clara + Odilo, Ruth + Hiltor, and our children.

( My nephew Heitor, my brother-in-law Odilo and my sister Clara, and my sister Dóra.)

More than 25 people came together for lunch. THANK YOU ALL! We were not able to visit everyone at their homes.

We met Lídia’s aunt, Eugenia, and several cousins too. We made a lot of phone calls to friends and relatives. All were anxious to see us and to talk with us after one year and 4 months away from Brazil.

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