Saturday, 8 March 2008


It was so nice to arrive in Porto Alegre after mid-night (February 3rd) and to meet all our three children and their loved ones at the airport.
We stayed at our apartment downtown Porto Alegre, were our son Paulo is now living.

This was the fist time for us to stay in our apartment; before we moved to Kenya, it was rented out and we lived in a pastor’s house.

Our little dog Anastácia recognized us and became very happy when she saw us again!

Léo Cristiano, Lídia, Walter, Tatiana and Paulo Henrique.

Lot of challenges were waiting for us: our son Paulo and his fiancée Flávia are planning to get married in September and wanted to remodel the apartment; we gave away lots of clothes, kitchen stuff and furniture to a Children Daycare Center. - Paulo underwent a surgery on his left knee on FEB 19th and Lídia could take care of him for some days. He is recovering well.

– Léo and Carol were preparing themselves to move to Germany this week (March 6th), and were preparing their stuff.

Tatiana and Dickson “are” pregnant… expecting the baby at the end of August; and you can imagine what it means.

Léo and Gustavo, our nephew (and like a son), was remodeling the apartment where he lives with his mother Kuki (Lidia’s sister). The apartment is just in the building opposite to our apartment, and Kuki was in São Paulo visiting her sister Irene. – It was very good to be with our children during this month at such a special time for every one of them.

The car we had there was a Volkswagen 65, from our son Paulo (it's his first car!!!). He and Gustavo were our drivers.

(Pastor Gustavo Scholze (86 years old on March 22) and his wife Hildegard.)
Many friends wanted to see us and invited us for lunch or for dinner. There was not enough time to accept all invitations. THANK YOU all for your love.

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