Friday, 26 February 2010


We are happy to share with you our monthly activities. God is blessings His Word in the heart of many people. – We have new sheep in our flock:
There are REAL sheep!!! The landlady of our compound brought four sheep to graze the grass of the gardens, and they come to our backyard too…

The Elders visited us on 23rd January. It is a custom here to visit the families who mourn. They brought comfort from the Word of God, remembering that our grandson Martin was sealed by the Holy Spirit when he was baptized. - Martin was to confirm his faith on 6th December and died two weeks before, 22nd November.

We sang and prayed together…

…and we also had lunch together: a hamburger was prepared. Thank you, dear friends, for this visit.
The pastoral staff visited Dr. Solomon Asacha and his family. They were blessed with a child on Christmas Day 2009, named Christian Emmanuel.

Christian was baptized on 21st February.

Three baptisms took place at the English Service and three at the Swahili Service that Sunday (21st February):

Rurns Orango Atuya…

and Jeanette Moraa Nyambati.

The Sunday School children were invited to watch the baptism from the steps and to remember their baptism before they went to the Sunday School.

Nimrod Miruka Ongoya, Victor Ondieki and Elisabeth Nyambaita were baptized in the Swahili Service.

The ELCK nine (9) Maasai Parishes were called for a Seminar 17th and 18th February in Ongata Rongai. That Seminar was organized by LEAF – Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland. “LEAF has been doing the mission work in Kenya for 40 years. In the Maasai area LEAF has been working in the Transmara side for about 30 years and in Kajiado side about 20years LEAF has been doing the parish work, organizing seminars for parish workers, supporting the pastor's and evangelist's training of Maasai students by providing scholarships for them, built the nursery school and the church etc. The latest seminar was for the Parish treasures. The seminar focused on the following: how to handle the money, do the bookkeeping, write reports, make the budget etc. We were very happy, because we got many good teachers from church diocese and the head office.” (Report sent by Mika Piittala, from LEAF in Kenya).

Ev. Sylvester gave four PROCLAIMERS to each parish. – “The Proclaimers are small machines with the entire New Testament recorded in different languages, part of the "Faith Comes By Hearing" program. These were recorded in the Maasai language. They were donated by Trinity Lutheran Church in Klein, TX.” (Rhoda Houge).
One participant that had known the PROCLAIMER turned it on immediately.
Another went to the front and explained to all how to use it.
All were very curious and happy with this gift. It’s a wonderful experience to hear the Gospel in small groups. – THANK YOU, donors!
AKOBO SUDAN MISSION TEAM , from St. John’s Sudanese Ministry (LCMS) visited our service on 31st January. (From left to right:) Rev. Carlos Walter Winterle; Wiyual Jang, St. John's Sudanese Lutheran Church, Salt Lake City, Utah; Rev. Jim Rivett, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Golconda, IL; Rev. Claude Houge, LCMS Area Facilitator East Africa; Omot Ochan, Christ Lutheran Church, Eagan, MN; Jim and Susan Roberts, Salt Lake City, UT; Ben Houge & Jutta Fredrichs.
A team from NOREA MEDIA MISSION was at the Service on the same Sunday (31st January). NOREA is owned and run by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission and uses radio, TV and the Internet to proclaim the Gospel in more than 25 languages throughout the world. – – Internet:
(From left to right): Rev. Claude Houge (LCMS Area Facilitator East Africa);
Hailu Wolde Semaiat;
Rev. Asfala Mehari, Pres. of the Ev. Lut. Church of Eritrea;
Astrid Froysnes;
Martin Birkedal;
Rev. Bogo Somesco;
Rev. Timo Reuhkala;
Rev. CWWinterle.
Rev. Claude and Rhoda Houge’s son Ben and Jutta. Ben and Jutta visited them in February. They are living and working in China.

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