Friday, 26 March 2010


In June 2009, a Building Team from Redeemer Lutheran Church, Springfield, MO, and from King of kings Lutheran Church, Gardner, KS came to Nairobi to help to build the church in Kiambu. They built the 3 walls and the roof.
After this, the local people closed the fourth wall and the windows with metal sheets and they are still using the room for their Services.

We were there on 21st March. Evangelist Francis Mboche was leading the service and about 30 people were gathered. Most of them come from Uganda to work in the coffee plantation in that area.
The floor was still dirt and they need a cement floor. This was done last week.

Chairman Michel, Pr. Carlos. Pr. Omodhi, Ev. Francis, and the Contractor Otieno with the local people

Sunday School Teacher Jane and the children.

They have still big challenges to finish the church, but they are happy for what they have now to come together and to worship.

Ev. Francis dismisses the people outside after the service.

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