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(In the picture: Standing: Beata Balint, Mosa Lisaliza, Douglas Masheti, John Maina; sitting: Deac. Mary, Deac. Kathleen, Jeanett, Pr. Omodhi)
Heart to Heart Orphans Children Center - HHOCC had a Board Meeting on 19th January. Mosa and Douglas came from Kawangware to present a report about the Feeding Program and other HHOCC’s activities. They were invited to bring the children of the Feeding Program to UHLC Service and to present the report to the congregation on 7th February. We will share the report in this BLOG as we are showing some pictures of the children:
(In the picture: Orphans at UHLC on 7th February.)

“Looking at the vulnerable children in Kawangware I would say something had been done. These are children from the poor families residing in the slums of Kawangware.
Many of the children are orphans and destitute. Due to poverty they are in no position of going to school. Yes we have the free primary education, but it is hard for them to get this because they have no uniform food and other basic necessities. They cannot go to school and concentrate well without food in their stomachs.
They will also feel different because they lack proper clothes (uniform).
Heart to heart orphans program is a very valuable means of helping alleviate the problem…

(In then picture: Mosa Lisaliza presenting the report.)
"Not only does it provide school fees and uniforms, it also provides lunch for those children. Children are now able to concentrate on their studies since they have all the same necessities i.e. uniform and food. As a result we have seen some kids performing really well. High concentration and attending class result in good grades...

(In the picture: The orphans were blessed by the pastor.)

The heart to heart feeding program currently has over 50 children between 6 – 16 years. These are some of the activities that we have with them in the church:
· Sunday service
· Five days feeding program (hot lunch)
· Bible study
· Cleaning the church compound
· Conducting Bible reading in church service.
· Children’s choir...

(In the picture: Orphans washing their hands before receiving the food. Kawangware, 12th February).

"As a result of the Heart to Heart feeding program activities we have seen growth in the church as well because the children are involved in different ministries in the church. Furthermore, often their sisters, brothers and guardians accompany them. They also consider themselves church members...

( In the picture: Receiving the food.)
1. Four of the children are already confirmed and baptized
2. Other ten kids are attending confirmation and baptism class
3. Spiritual breakthrough
4. The children have their own choir
5. The guardians also attend the church services.
This program has helped so many children in the slums of Kawangware due to its feeding program. They thank God every day for the one meal that is secured daily for many who hadn’t had to chance to have a decent meal…
(In the picture: Orphans having lunch)
"One of the parents told us how the program has helped the community. We thank the Lord for the good friends who stand with our children by feeding them and taking them to school. They also pray that Heart to Heart program should grow to become much bigger so that it can reach others who are not yet in the program at the moment but have the same difficulties in slums.
Many people are not willing to help those kids for one or two reasons but these orphans are our children and the leaders of tomorrow and I believe they need our help today more than ever. So let’s hold hands together and lets put a smiling face on a poor child. And let’s be faithful with what you have been given. You may think you are working at some meaningless job or you are just volunteering or you are doing something that seems ordinary or you may feel its not exciting, you can’t see where it’s leading you. Let me encourage you to be faithful. Stick with these children, share with them what you have. Keep a good attitude and God will bless your efforts.” (Mosa Lisaliza and Douglas Masheti).
The showers for the homeless boys are almost ready. Pipes and the water pump are being installed.

The homeless boys are already using the shower block to wash themselves and to wash their clothes.

Four homeless boys receive a special care from the youth team in Kawangware: They were taken from the street, now they sleep in the church compound, and are receiving special classes, being prepared to go back to school. Moses gave us a good report about the progress of that ministry.

The Conquerors – a music and drama group from Kawangware – are directly involved with HHOCC programs. They are taking care of the Feeding Program and of the Homeless Boys Program together with other youth and the church of Kawangware.

They came also to UHLC Service on 7th February and presented their big challenge: To buy a van for their evangelistic outreaches. They sent a letter explaining their ministry: “In Kenya the Statistics indicate that over two million young people are jobless. Another 750,000 join this lot every year from educational institutions. Lack of employment, peer pressure poverty among other challenges all contribute to negative responses that result into drug abuse, alcoholism and irresponsible behaviors among other vices.”
We the conquerors have been working with the youth and have witnessed this distressing cycle of life among many young people. The ministry has received support from churches to be able to visit schools and learning institutions to minister to students through music, teaching, preaching and drama- T.F.D (Theatre For Development). We have witnessed great transformation among the young people. In 2009 we were able to reach to over 10,200 students in 12 Schools. At least 450 students plus 11 teachers responded to the Gospel and received Christ as their personal savior. The ministry has been exiting and steadily growing. We thank God for giving us an opportunity to be servants in His harvest field…
“However one of the main challenges that we have encountered as a ministry is the mode of transport. We incur a lot of expenses in ferrying ministry equipments when going to different schools and institutions. At times we are handicapped to effectively act on our scheduled activities because of lack of means of transportation.
We are therefore organizing for a fundraising which will raise vital funds to purchase a Toyota Nissan Caravan 9 sitter van that will enable the team to transverse to different areas as they reach out to students and more so those in the rural areas who at times are not reached because of the remoteness of their institutions. The fundraising goal is Kshs. 1.5 million ($ 20,000).

The Conquerors members have successfully raised Kshs 250,000 and we would greatly appreciate your help in reaching the overall target. We plan to have the main fundraising on the 11th April 2010 at 2:00-4:00pm at Uhuru Highway Cathedral Conference Hall.
We therefore take this opportunity to invite you to partner with us in realizing our goal. Your prayers, contributions and involvement is highly appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time to read this invitation letter as one of our Ministry Friends and partner. We will diligently let you know on the progress in the purchase of the Van and Ministry updates.
Director: Douglas Masheti
Secretary: Wachira Gandu
If you were touched by this challenge, you can help too. HHOCC has an account in Nairobi and another in the USA. Write to us and we will give you the directions to send your contribution.

Ev. Sylvester wrote about HHOCC:
“Heart to heart began as an outreach program of the Evangelical Church in Kenya - ELCK, specifically the Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral - UHLC. Due to the HIV & AIDS pandemic, the number of orphaned children struggling to survive on the streets of Nairobi and vulnerable women has been increasing…

“The other area that the Church has felt the need to respond to is to reach the girl child in the marginalized communities especially among the Maasai where there are many cases of female genital mutilation and early girl child forced marriages. Among other social economical factors the Church through the Heart to heart project has felt the need to respond to with a view of reaching the less fortunate and the need vulnerable…
“Heart to Heart is a multi-level, holistic program that strives to address every aspect of need for an orphan or child at risk for abuse, neglect or exploitation. The program is designed to make long term change within communities by utilizing parallel projects with the ultimate goal of ending the cycle of hopelessness and poverty. The mission of Heart to Heart is to rescue children from the street/unsafe living environments and situations, feed them, educate them, provide housing and medical care and see them become vital contributing members of the Kenyan society…

Child rescue and placement:-this includes obtaining sponsors to maintain food, shelter, schooling and medical care. Children and their care giver are monitored for progress and problems. There are also street youth projects designed to reach the older street youths…
“This rescue program is extended to the marginalized communities where the girl child at risk of abuse in terms of forceful genital female mutilation and forced early marriages are rescued and taken to boarding schools and when they come back during the school holidays they are taken care of by selected and screened care givers who are supported in terms of upkeep and food…
“Poverty reduction/Education and hunger issues:-Heart to Heart has a revolving fund for microfinance loans to widows in the Post Test Clubs- PTCs or those who are living positively with the virus and also trying to support their children. Women are given training and counseling in business operation in addition to financial start up cost…
“Part of the program is also do home visitations to the persons living the virus and offer the psycho social support...
“There is also a project designed to enhance the handicraft skills of windows while working to market their products as well...
“Heart to Heart also has feeding program in place for the children it sponsors plus food regularly distributed to families in distress...
HIV/AIDs awareness. General health issues:-Heart to Heart has projects in place to address the core reason for orphans –HIV/AIDS. Training is routinely given to all age categories through a variety of methods. community counseling ,support groups, assistance by the ministry of health and a pool of HIV volunteers work to educate and do home visitations to men ,women and children in all aspects of HIV/AIDS. Occasional health screenings for orphans held by visiting doctors and nurses is organized for the various groups. In collaboration with the ministry of health it is part of a childhood immunization program…
Target Group - The orphans and vulnerable children, especially those left by parents who died of HIV & AIDS related illnesses and those under high risky condition of abuse and neglect e.g. those in the marginalized communities...
Providing Food and supplements.
Improving their Shelter
Provide clothing
Support their education.
Assist in improving the health of the children through medical care.
Rescue from abuse
Counseling and rehabilitating ( psychosocial support)
Build the capacity of our church youth...
Invitation for partnering and engagement -
You are invited to make a long term commitment to support a child or children or a program of your choice as the Lord leads. You can also make a short term or any kind of support. This is highly appreciated for you will be making a great impact into the life of a needful person...
“Your support for a child or children will go a long way to bring hope and a silver lining to a productive future and the breaking of the vicious cycle of poverty. We encourage that you can directly get in touch and be a sponsor to a child or children of your choice. We have many orphans who need to be supported and any kind of support to whether long term, short term or one time donation is welcome and highly appreciated...
“You can also choose a specific support area that you would want to send your support i.e. orphans and vulnerable children, street boys (homeless boys program), Maasai girl rescue and support program, the widows and vulnerable women- People Living with HIV & AIDS ( PLWHAs), Church Youth support and support to build a rescue centre ( counselling and rehabilitation centre)...
“The Heart to Heart management staff will give progress reports on the children or program that you are supporting as need be. It the moment we give quarterly reports but also if you need a monthly report we will gladly give.” (Ev. Sylvester Opyio)
You can send your donation to:

In Kenya: Contact Sylvester Opyio:
Heart to Heart Orphans Children Centre
Co-operative Bank – University Way branch
Nairobi. Acc. No. 0112009497000

In the USA: Contact Alison Dumas:

In Brazil: Contact Jackson von Mühlen:
Banco do Brasil, agência 2.806-1, conta 12.454-0, Porto Alegre, RS, em nome do DIPA.

In Germany: Contact Leo Cristiano Winterle:
The Hungarian volunteer Zsophie spent 6 months in Kenya helping HHOCC (from 2nd September to 26th February). She is a young physiotherapist. A farewell party was organized for her on 24th February. HHOCC Board appreciated her report and said THANKYOU for all the good efforts she made for the needy people in Kenya. God bless you, Zsophie; we will miss you!!!

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