Friday, 26 February 2010

SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (S) - 3 - Visit of Paulo & Flávia

Our last born son Paulo (29) and his wife Flávia visited us from 28th January to 15th February. It was a special time for the four of us!!!
We went to the Rift Valley with them…

…we went to the border of Tanzania with them + Ben & Jutta…

… and also to the Amboseli Park; we saw the Kilimanjaro Mountain…

… and lots of elephants!!!
We visited the Giraffe Center near our house. A giraffe ate some food from the top of my hat…

They visited the Safari Walk and took pictures with the cheetah.

We went to the service in Kibera (picture: after the service)….

…and visited the school in Kibera and the Feeding Program in Kawangware (pictures in another postage).

They loved the children! They are so cute!!!

We visited also a Maasai family living in Ngong Town, Daniel…

… and he took us to visit the historical grave of Mr. Denys George Finch Hatton (1887 – 1931), one of the main characters of the book & movie OUT OF AFRICA, by Karen Blixen.

Paulo played the violin in the service at UHLC with Zsophie playing the flute and Mozart the piano. Flávia also sang at the service. – We thank God for this opportunity to be together as family in Kenya!

– Lídia and I will be in Brazil from 28th of March until 28th of April. We will spend Easter with all our children and then go to the 60th General Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brazil – IELB. –
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