Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Dear Friends, We have been in Brazil since August 5th. Many good things have happened during this time. We want to share them with you in this BLOG.
We had several presentations about our work in Kenya in congregations and schools. The first one was at a meeting at the CRUZ Lutheran Congregation, Petrópolis, Porto Alegre, on August 9th.

The second one was at my former congregation, CONCORDIA, Porto Alegre, where I preached on August 10th, Father's Day in Brazil.

The third one was at CRISTO Lutheran Congregation, Porto Alegre, where social workers and families were gathered.

The 4th one was at SÃO PAULO Lutheran Congregation, Novo Hamburgo, on August 22nd. The whole Circuit was invited to this presentation. I had the opportunity to give a half an hour interview at a Radio Station there.

I went back to the CRISTO Luth. Cong. to preach at their services on 24th and 25th of August. – On August 27th I had the official meeting with the National Board of the EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF BRAZIL, where I presented my report about the work during my first term in Nairobi.

On August 28th I went to the city of GRAMADO, where several congregations of that circuit were gathered to listen to my lecture. The local Radio and Newspaper made an interview with me that night.

The COLÉGIO CONCORDIA (a school) invited me to speak there on September 25th.

A Golden Age Gathering – Portoalegrense Circuit- invited me to speak on September 28th. Lidia organized an African Fashion Show. – I took part in several other meetings and had the opportunity to share God’s blessings in Kenya with lots of friends and relatives.


1- August 23rd was a special day for our family: Our grandson HENRIQUE was born that day, son to Dickson and Tatiana Winterle von Muehlen. – If you like to see more pictures, please, visit the links: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dicksonvm/sets/72157607013090982


He was baptized by me, his grandfather. At the service, I had the opportunity to Present a PPS (Power Point Show) about the Children in Kenya and the Baptism .

Our family was gathered for the Baptism, and…

…the proud grandparents thanked God for this blessing.


1- Another blessing for our family was the wedding of our son Paulo & and his bride Flavia. The Civil Ceremony, according the Brazilian Law, was on Friday, September 12th, and the Blessing at the church was on Saturday, Sep. 13th – In the picture: Flavia with her parents and Paulo with his parents at the Civil Wedding.

The Blessing was performance at CONCORDIA Lutheran Church, Porto Alegre.

The changing of the rings.

Receiving the blessing. – See more pictures at the link:



- Rosy Asuta and her sister Ziporah were visited on July 23rd.

- Eric Junior, son to Rosy and Eric, was baptized on August 3rd.

– Jason Miyogo Nyaribu, one of the Elders of the UHLC, and his wife Milkah and children were visited on July 30th.

– Their son Collins Ateya Miyogo was baptized on August 3rd.

– Aming’a, another Elder of the UHLC, and his family were visited on July 31st.

– His parents were visited by Pastor Omodhi and Pastor Carlos in Matongo, when the pastors took part in the 60th Jubilee of the ELCK.

– A Women Parish Seminar was held at UHLC on July 19th, led by Deaconess Mary and NURU people.

– At the monthly Sunday School Teachers Training, Douglas Macheti shared with the other teachers the good experience he had with Allan as they participated at a Conference about Orality: How to tell better the Bible Stories to the children using Orality resources as a method to share the Gospel. – Both were sponsored at that Seminar by Rev. Roger Theimer, a LCMS Pastor for Children, who visited our congregation.

– Some of the Sunday School Teacher of the Parish.

- Mrs. Lidia, Pastor Omodhi, Mrs. Clara, Pastor Carlos.

SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (K) - 3 - Parish Events

– NURU Lutheran Media Ministry (The Lutheran Hour) organized a Sport Event on July 5th for all the youths of the Parish. The plan is to have a monthly Sport Even.

– A Table Tennis Table was bought with special donation of youth friends from Brazil.

– The table is temporary at NURU, until the new UHLC Social Hall is finished.

– The first game was played by NURU Director John Maine and Mr. Issac Ngala, one of the ULCH Elders working at NURU. Sport was something very important for them as they joint the Lutheran Church many years ago.

– After the first game, the youth had fun, playing a lot.

– As the Tennis Table Tennis was bought at a sale for a very good price, some of the money donated was use to buy other table games.

– All youth were involved in the games.

– The group of HIV/AIDS infected women of Kawangware and Kibera has weekly meetings with Bible Study, orientation and learning how to do handcrafts. – Deac. Mary is in charge of that work, helped by Julia, an American Volunteer from the World Mission Prayer League.

- Pastor Carlos visited the group on July 4th, and gave them caps donated by a woman from Brazil. He also led the Bible Study.- Talking with the women, they told him that some have 9 children, other 7 children… They are unemployed. They are very grateful for the support they are receiving by the church!

– The group from Kibera prepared book markets that P. Carlos took to Brazil as a memento to the Brazilian donors who are giving support to some of the projects in Kenya.


– The EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH IN KENYA – ELCK – celebrated her 60th Jubilee on July 25th.
– The main celebration was held at the Matongo Lutheran Theological College (6 hours drive from Nairobi). The day before an opening Service was hold at the Matongo Church under the theme “God opens door” – Rev 3:20.

– The 25th of July began with a processional divided in two groups: each one had two dioceses and their Bishops, pastors, evangelists, deaconesses, lay people and choirs. Presiding Bishop Dr.Walter Omwunza Obare led the celebration.

– The two processional groups met each other at the entrance to the Matongo Seminar.

The four (4) ELCK Bishops + the Swedish Bishop of the Mission Province.

– Kenya flag (in the middle) and the flags of the country of the four partner churches: Sweden, Finland, Norway and USA. - ELCK General Secretary Rev. John Halakeh was the Master of Ceremony.

Several choirs were there and praised God for the Jubilee.
– Dr. Rune Imberg launched the book “A DOOR OPENED BY THE LORD – The History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya. (He had presented the book at UHLC the Sunday before).

– An anniversary cake was served to all people presented at the celebration.

– On Sunday July 27th a special Service was celebrated at UHLC to celebrate the 60th Jubilee.

- The representatives of the partner churches were at the service and everyone was invited to give a brief message.

– The ELCK partners are: Swedish Lutheran Mission – (SLM); Swedish Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland - (SLEAF); World Mission Prayer League – (WMPL); Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland – (LEAF); Norwegian Lutheran Mission – (NLM); Lutheran Church Missouri Synod – World Mission – (LCMS-WM).- We thank God for these partners, who brought the Gospel to Kenya in the past and are still supporting the Message of the Cross working in partnership with the ELCK .