Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Dear Friends, We have been in Brazil since August 5th. Many good things have happened during this time. We want to share them with you in this BLOG.
We had several presentations about our work in Kenya in congregations and schools. The first one was at a meeting at the CRUZ Lutheran Congregation, Petrópolis, Porto Alegre, on August 9th.

The second one was at my former congregation, CONCORDIA, Porto Alegre, where I preached on August 10th, Father's Day in Brazil.

The third one was at CRISTO Lutheran Congregation, Porto Alegre, where social workers and families were gathered.

The 4th one was at SÃO PAULO Lutheran Congregation, Novo Hamburgo, on August 22nd. The whole Circuit was invited to this presentation. I had the opportunity to give a half an hour interview at a Radio Station there.

I went back to the CRISTO Luth. Cong. to preach at their services on 24th and 25th of August. – On August 27th I had the official meeting with the National Board of the EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF BRAZIL, where I presented my report about the work during my first term in Nairobi.

On August 28th I went to the city of GRAMADO, where several congregations of that circuit were gathered to listen to my lecture. The local Radio and Newspaper made an interview with me that night.

The COLÉGIO CONCORDIA (a school) invited me to speak there on September 25th.

A Golden Age Gathering – Portoalegrense Circuit- invited me to speak on September 28th. Lidia organized an African Fashion Show. – I took part in several other meetings and had the opportunity to share God’s blessings in Kenya with lots of friends and relatives.


1- August 23rd was a special day for our family: Our grandson HENRIQUE was born that day, son to Dickson and Tatiana Winterle von Muehlen. – If you like to see more pictures, please, visit the links: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dicksonvm/sets/72157607013090982


He was baptized by me, his grandfather. At the service, I had the opportunity to Present a PPS (Power Point Show) about the Children in Kenya and the Baptism .

Our family was gathered for the Baptism, and…

…the proud grandparents thanked God for this blessing.


1- Another blessing for our family was the wedding of our son Paulo & and his bride Flavia. The Civil Ceremony, according the Brazilian Law, was on Friday, September 12th, and the Blessing at the church was on Saturday, Sep. 13th – In the picture: Flavia with her parents and Paulo with his parents at the Civil Wedding.

The Blessing was performance at CONCORDIA Lutheran Church, Porto Alegre.

The changing of the rings.

Receiving the blessing. – See more pictures at the link:


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