Tuesday, 30 September 2008


- Rosy Asuta and her sister Ziporah were visited on July 23rd.

- Eric Junior, son to Rosy and Eric, was baptized on August 3rd.

– Jason Miyogo Nyaribu, one of the Elders of the UHLC, and his wife Milkah and children were visited on July 30th.

– Their son Collins Ateya Miyogo was baptized on August 3rd.

– Aming’a, another Elder of the UHLC, and his family were visited on July 31st.

– His parents were visited by Pastor Omodhi and Pastor Carlos in Matongo, when the pastors took part in the 60th Jubilee of the ELCK.

– A Women Parish Seminar was held at UHLC on July 19th, led by Deaconess Mary and NURU people.

– At the monthly Sunday School Teachers Training, Douglas Macheti shared with the other teachers the good experience he had with Allan as they participated at a Conference about Orality: How to tell better the Bible Stories to the children using Orality resources as a method to share the Gospel. – Both were sponsored at that Seminar by Rev. Roger Theimer, a LCMS Pastor for Children, who visited our congregation.

– Some of the Sunday School Teacher of the Parish.

- Mrs. Lidia, Pastor Omodhi, Mrs. Clara, Pastor Carlos.

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