Tuesday, 30 September 2008

SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (K) - 3 - Parish Events

– NURU Lutheran Media Ministry (The Lutheran Hour) organized a Sport Event on July 5th for all the youths of the Parish. The plan is to have a monthly Sport Even.

– A Table Tennis Table was bought with special donation of youth friends from Brazil.

– The table is temporary at NURU, until the new UHLC Social Hall is finished.

– The first game was played by NURU Director John Maine and Mr. Issac Ngala, one of the ULCH Elders working at NURU. Sport was something very important for them as they joint the Lutheran Church many years ago.

– After the first game, the youth had fun, playing a lot.

– As the Tennis Table Tennis was bought at a sale for a very good price, some of the money donated was use to buy other table games.

– All youth were involved in the games.

– The group of HIV/AIDS infected women of Kawangware and Kibera has weekly meetings with Bible Study, orientation and learning how to do handcrafts. – Deac. Mary is in charge of that work, helped by Julia, an American Volunteer from the World Mission Prayer League.

- Pastor Carlos visited the group on July 4th, and gave them caps donated by a woman from Brazil. He also led the Bible Study.- Talking with the women, they told him that some have 9 children, other 7 children… They are unemployed. They are very grateful for the support they are receiving by the church!

– The group from Kibera prepared book markets that P. Carlos took to Brazil as a memento to the Brazilian donors who are giving support to some of the projects in Kenya.