Monday, 29 September 2008

SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (K) - 5 - Do You Know These People?

Many visitors were at our Service and in our parish during the month of July. Many were there for the celebration of the 60th Jubilee. Let us know some of them. Sorry that we don’t have picture of all of them. - Some of our members will be introduced too.
- Pastor John Gerke, from the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Manchester, MO, USA, was at our service on July 13th with a group of 45 people of his church. Another group of 45 people was coming that Sunday afternoon to joint the first group. Their goal was to built an orphanage in Kenya.
Daniel and Jacky Banza, from the R.D.Congo visited us on July 13th.

Rev. Kianadi Atkinson, from Kampala, Uganda, and Rev. Mbakiso Nkanga, from Botswana (July 13th).

Thierry Botomaroza, from Antanatib0,Madagascar (July 13th)

– Harald Astrard, from Goteborg, Sweden. (July 13th)

Ella Ghosh (Primary Health Workshop – PMV), from Norway.

– The mother, sister and family of missionary Hanna Pittalla, from Finland.(July 6th)

– John Maina, Director of NURU – Lutheran Media Ministry, (member of UHLC), and his family: wife Connie and children Rina, Brandon, Enid (adopted daughter), Stephanie (niece)and Marilyn (niece). (July 5th)

– Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, LWF – Program Coordinator of the Department for World Service, -and his wife Angela. They are from Brazil, but are living in Genève, Switzerland. (July 8th and 9th).

– Stephen Nhuta and his family, - Air Zimbabwe Regional Manager Africa, now living in Nairobi and members at UHLC.

– Rev. Dean Apel, from Wichita, KS, USA.

– Robert Lutz and his father Rev. Berhard Lutz, -POBLO International Ministries Regional Director, from Texas, USA. (July 20th). Dr.Lutz presented lectures at the Seminar of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sudan, in Nyambio, for 10 weeks .

– Rev. Rune Imberg, author of the book A DOOR OPEN BY THE LORD – The Story of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya, presenting his book at th UHLC. (July 20th)

– Mike Koski, - World Mission Prayer League – Africa Program Coordinator, from Minneapolis, MN, USA. - Pastor Carlos, Julia Harrington, Dean Apel and Rune Imberg.
– Roland Gustavsson, Swedish Lutheran Mission – SLM – Director.

I hope I will have time to share some news while our trip through the USA. Keep us in your prayers. Blessings.

Pastor Carlos Walter and Lidia Winterle