Thursday, 3 July 2008


On June 17th, Pastor Carlos took his friend Dr. Dirk to visit Kibera and Kawangware. – Dr. Dirk English is Regional Medical Officer for East- and South-east Africa of the Embassy for the Federal Republic of Germany in Nairobi. He and his friends: Dr. Robert Petzhold is Regional Health Delegate of the German Red Cross in Nairobi (a member of the international Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies), and Mr. Jürgen Herbig, Senhor Projetct Manager of the German Red Cross in Assosa, Ethiopia met Rev. Dennis Meeker and other leaders of “Spring of Life – Kibera” and of Kawangware.
(From left to right: Dr. Dirk, Rev. Meeker, Mr. Jürgen, Dr. Robert).

They visited the church and other facilities, which were burnt during the post-election violence.

The Principal of the Nursery School explained to them the process of recovering the school.

They entered the slum and saw the poverty of the people. They discussed with Pastor Dennis what the plans are for the Medical Clinic, which was completely looted and burnt, looking for opportunities to help with this project.
The parish house is being prepared to host provisory the Clinic, but the plan is to build a new Clinic to help the people of the slum.
In Kawangware, they talked with the youngsters about the HIV/AIDS program of the church.

They saw the children coming at lunch time for the Orphans Feeding program…

…and heard from Ev. Sylvester an explanation about the Social Programs developed by the church with children, street boys, HIV/AIDS infected and affected people, displaced people and victims of violence.

A meeting was booked for July to discuss the possibility of partnership with the Doctors as volunteers and the community. (From left to right: Ev. Sylvester, Mr. Jürgen, Dr. Dirk, Ev. Emmanuel, Dr. Robert)

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