Thursday, 3 July 2008


On June 18th the Pastoral Staff visited thee families on Mombasa Rd. This was a visit to prepare for the baptisms of Melody, Marcelyne, Ismael and Catherine on June 29th.

(From left to right:) Grace Nyanduko Ongoya, Melody Moraa Ongoya Mercyline Ayuka Ongoya, Peterson Ongoya Miruka, Mercyline Ayuka Ongoya.

Catherine Kaleha Ondieki, Paul Ondieki Miruka, Ismael Miruka Ondieki (and Ev. Sylvester)

Evelyn Kerubo and Abiut Miruka

On July 2nd the Sures were visited in Kayole: Joseph Sure, Irene Kerubo and little Richard Masita, who was baptized last June 8th.

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