Thursday, 3 July 2008


On June 18th, afternoon, a meeting took place at the Lutheran Guest House (ELCK) in Lavington with the President of the Lutheran World Federation-LWF, Bishop Mark Hanson. He is also the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – ELCA – with 5 million members.

Dr. Ishmael Noko, LWF General Secretary for the last 14 years, was with Bishop Hanson; and also John R. Brooks, Director for ELCA News Service. They were going to a LWF Council in Tanzania. They invited ELCK Bishop Walter Obare Omwanza and KELC Bishop Zechariah Kahuthu, and representatives from both churches for this meeting.
(In the picture, first line from left: Dr. Noko, Bishop Obare, Bishop Hanson, Bishop Zachariah. Behind: representatives from the ELCK and the KELC).

A lunch was offered by the ELCK to the visitors.
– Some of the representatives are:
KELC – Mrs. Imelda, Assistant to the Women Department; Rev. Bob Schmaltzki and wife Denise, Nairobi International Lutheran church – NILC; George Arende, Communications Director; Rev. Yako Babusa, Jerusalem/Madare; and the new pastor of the NILC.
ELCK: Rev. John Halakhe, Ex. Secretary; Mr. John Michoro, Treasurer; Rev. David Chuchu, Project Manager; Most Rev. Enos Omodhi, UHLC; Rev. Zedekiah Nyanyu, Kawangware; Rev. Dennis Meeker, Kibera; Rev. Isaiah Obare; and Rev. Carlos W. Winterle, UHLC; Ev. Sylvester Opyio; Mr. Muloko Kongolo, LUCCEA.

After lunch, the Bishops and the General Secretary addressed brief messages to the group. – Bishop Obare quoted Psalm 133: “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity” and addressed welcome greetings to all. – Bishop Hanson asked “What does it mean to be Lutheran?” – and he answered: It means to be Evangelical (the Gospel), Confessional, Ecumenical and Missional (Evangelizing) . – Dr. Noko asked “How are we preparing new Theological Leadership”; and talked about the next LWF General Assembly in Stuttgart, Germany, 2010, with the Theme: “Give us today our daily bread.” - Bishop Zachariah addressed farewell greetings and the closing prayer.

Bishop Hanson forwarded a wooden cross, with wooden pieces from different parts of the world as a symbol of unity in diversity, to Bishop Obare – ELCK.

…and to Bishop Zachariah – KELC.

Dr. Noko gave LWF ties to Mr. Michoro and to some other representatives of the churches.

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