Thursday, 3 July 2008


Mrs. Pirkko Igendia, from LEAF – Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland, received the visit of their children living in Finland: Edi Igendia and his fiancee Kirsi Kaparen, and her daughter Miriam Igendia. They were at the service on June 22nd.

Cole and Marilyn Dodge received the visit of their 12-year -old grandson Luke, from California, USA.

Mr.Tapio and Mrs. Sirkka worked in Kenya for about 40 years, first in the service of industry and later on as missionaries. Sirkka worked in Nairobi as a parish worker and later on they both worked in Kisumu as missionaries; Tapio as a manager of the ATP training centre and Sirkka as a parish worker. – Tapio used to be an Elder at UHLC some years ago when they lived in Nairobi. - They went back to Finland because they retired. – Thank you, Tapio and Sirkka, for all the work you did for the Kenyan people and for the ELCK. God bless you in this new stage of your life.

Lutheran World Federation representatives, on their way to a LWF Council Meeting in Tanzania, stopped in Nairobi and came to our Service on June 22nd. They are (from left to right): Peter Schirmer (Lutheran Church of Australia), Barry Lynam (from Ireland, working at the Head Office in Geneva), Rudelmar de Faria (from Brazil, working in the Head Office in Geneva), Virginia Ivañez (Lutheran Church in Venezuela) and Peter Stoll (from Germany, treasurer of LWF).

Mrs. Jean Ochich and her children: Lisa, Evans Larry and Robin.

Deac. Mary Khainga, Lídia Winterle, Vivian Materu (Sunday School Teacher) and Marlene Roschmann.

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