Sunday, 21 October 2007

Several Activities (D) - UHLC Services

Rev. Charles (Chuck) W. Webb, from Traverse City, MI, USA, preached at our service on Oct/7.
He came with the LCMS Medical Team (see next post) to work in Kibera. He his Pastor and Medical Doctor. Rev. Chuck was here October last year with a Medical Team too.

Pastor Jostein Holmedal, from Norway, preached at our English and Swahili Service on Oct/21. He and his wife were with the Youth Group (see next picture), and they are from the Norwegian Lutheran Mission, sponsors of the Scripture Mission.

A Youth Group from Norway visited the UHLC on October 21. The groups name is TeFT, short for "Lit to serve" in Norwegian. They sang in both services (English and Swahili). Thank you, and God bless your good testimony!

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