Saturday, 20 October 2007

Several Activities (D) - Kawangware Orphans

Near the Church of Kawangware, there is a very poor school, with 80 children. 20 are orphans (most of them HIV/AIDS orphans). They don't have running water nor toilets, and the classrooms are rented. Some of them are receiving some support for uniforms and shoes through a program managed by Ev. Sylvester and Deac. Mary. UHLC Pastoral Staff and the pastor and some leaders of Kawangware Luth. Church visited the school on 3rd October to know better their reality and to discuss with Teacher Veronica a food program. After this, the food program began.
Twice a week, on Tuesday and on Thursday, the 20 orphans are brought to the Kawangware church. They first hear Bible Stories, they sing and they are entertained by the Sunday School Teachers. After this they received food.


On October 18th, UHLC Pastoral Staff visited Kawangware to see how was working that program and some visitors from the USA were there too:Rev. Mark Sell, Executive Director of "Friends of Mercy", from the LCMS; Rev. Karl Galik, (Senior Pastor), Mrs. Elizabeth (Teacher) and Mr. Kirk (Elder) from St. John Lutheran Church, Rochester, MI.


After receiving the spiritual food, all children wash their hands to receive the physical food. Teacher Veronica, from their school, helps them.


Finally the children receive their food, very well prepared by some youths from Kawangware.


Dr. Zoltan Balint (one of UHLC Elders) and his wife Beata, through a Mission Society from their home-church in Hungary, are giving support to this food program. Thanks to them and to all brothers and sisters of that Mission Society in Hungary. God bless you all!
Will you help this food program too? Bring your food offering to the church on the First Sunday of the month (or other days to the church's office), or send some money to this project.
Jesus says:"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (Matthew 25.40)

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