Saturday, 20 October 2007

Several Activities (D) - Do you know these people?

We are introducing some more UHLC families through the BLOG:
Mika Piittala, his wife Hanna Leena and the children Valtteri (9) and Ville (11). Both are deacons, working for LEAF - Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland, and they came recently from Finland to prepare themselves to work in the Maasai Mission.
Ben Akuku Ochieng, his wife Faith Kavinoe Ochieng and their daughter Quinsley Rey Ochieng. Ben is brother to Martin Akuku.


Eng. Lawrence Atera, his wife Caroline and the children Ted Basive and Tvisa Movaa. Eng. Atera is one of our Elders, and Mrs. Atera is a Sunday School Teacher at UHLC.

Dr. Hoseana Bohela Lunogelo and his wife Violet. They have four children. He is the former chairman of our congregation and moved back to his home town in Tanzania, where he is working as Executive Director at the Economic and Social Research Foundation - ESRF. His family is still in Nairobi and he comes as often as possible to visit them while their are preparing to move there too.

Douglas Ndege and his wife Mildred + little Emmanuel. Douglas is one of our organist and he works to AAR.


Hillary and Purity Omodhi (children of Rev. Enos Omodhi and Clara) and their friend George

Isaiah Mogeni Mogoko and his brother's family: Gladys with little Joshwa and Emmanuel Nyamweya Mogeni with Mitchel.


Ev. Francis Mboche and his wife Martha. They live in Kibera. He is the Evangelist serving Kiambu.


John Michoro is the treasurer of the ELCK. His wife Rose and the children: Ivy, Emmanuel and Ivah (+ Moraa, not in the picture.)


This is the new pastor of Kawangware, Rev. Zedekiah Nyokwoyo, graduated last June at the Seminary of Mekane Jesu Church in Ethiopia.

(Sorry that I change his name with Reuben in the last BLOG.)


Rueben Nyaribari, his wife Jennifer and little Joan. Rueben is serving in the Kenya Air Forces in the Music Department. He is brother to Jared Nyaema, who works to Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry.(Sorry that in the last BLOG I change his name with the new pastor of Kawangware, Rev. Zedekiah).


Mr. Cole and Marylin Dodge are living near the Village Market. He was the Regional Director for UNICEF, and is now University Professor .

Marylin is working as volunteer with street children.


These are our youths from Namibia. They are studying Pharmacy at the University (opposite to the UHLC). They are now in their fist vacation back home. They are (from left to right): Ester Mvula, Martha Lombardt, Sophia Shiguedha, ester Naikuku, Saren Kauhondamwa and Justus Ekandjo. We are missing them, but in January they are back to Nairobi, God willing.

So we had the opportunity to introduce several people of our congregation. Please, before or after the service let us take a picture of you and your family too to publish it in the BLOG.

Pastor Carlos and Lídia Winterle

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