Sunday, 21 October 2007

Several Activities (D) - Kibera - Medical Team

A Medical Team came from the USA in October(5 to 15) to serve the community in Kibera. They were led by Sally Henrickson, from the LCMS World Relief and Human Care. On Oct.7th they attended the service at UHLC and on Oct.14 they attended "Spring Of Life" in Kibera. Pastor Charles (Chuck) W. Webb, who is also a Medical Doctor, preached on both Sundays.
The renewed health facilities at the Church and the church's basement were used by the Medical Team to take care of the sick people who came. 200 people came every day

First of all, people coming to be examined by the Medical Team received spiritual care in the church. Rev. Dennis Meeker, just installed as pastor at "Spring of Life Lutheran Church - Kibera", assisted by Pastor Omodhi, Josaphat and other leaders, read portions of the Bible, led devotionals and prayed with the people. "The Conquerors" and other musical groups were singing, praising God and giving a good Christian testimony. After this, people were seen by the Doctors, took blood tests, HIV/AIDS tests and others, and received counseling from specialists.

The Medical Team brought several medicament to be given to the sick people.
THANK YOU, friends, for sharing God's love with our people from Kibera!

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