Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Several Activities (I) - 7 - Do you know these people?

Gilbert Aluoch, his wife Berther Onyango, and their children: Rebecca and Aaron Onyango. Their eldest son Allan is in the school and couldn’t come that Sunday.
George Masongo Mochiemo studies at Matongo Theological College and came to our service on May. He was one of the Sunday School Teachers at UHLC, and received a scholarship from Mrs. Erica (a Brazilian living in the USA) to study at the Seminar.


Hilaire Ngoy Mwanana, his wife Christine Mutinga and the children: Michael Ngoy and Danny Kibenze. They are from Congo and Hilaire is studying in Nairobi. His father is the General Secretary of the Lutheran Church of Congo.


Prof. Dr. Christian and Marlene Roschmann. He is Director – Rule of Law Program for Sub-Saharan Africa of the “Konrad Adenauer Stiftung”. He is from Germany and she is from Brazil; both speak Portuguese, which is good for Pastor and Mrs. Carlos to speak with them in their mother language. – They moved to Nairobi last January.


Pastor Charles and Anita were introduced in the last BLOG. But after this I received a nice e-mail from Pastor Charles, which I share with all:
"Rev. Charles Jackson and his wife Anita.Pastor in Arsim Samburu. Charles is originally from Alberta Canada andhad served there for 6 years before coming to Kenya in 2001. They startedwork by building a traditional cow dung house just North of Wamba to learnlanguage and culture for 8 months. Then they lived in Ngilae for the next 4years to work as a pastor and literacy teacher in the area. Since their coming back from furlough in 2006 they moved up to Arsim to help with thecongregation there as a Samburu pastor took over the congregation in Ngilae.Arsim is just the name of the area. It actually was known on the old mapsas the "Arsim Watering Hole", as it is a source of water even amidst thesevere droughts. In 1982 ELCK came to Arsim to start a church. Pastor BobWard and his wife Jeanne were the first workers with the ELCK in northern Samburu. Jeanne was also a nurse and started a small dispensary. It has grown into a regular dispensary reaching over 100 km radius from the Arsim Area.Anita: Is an Adult Literacy Teacher as well as Teaching English as a SecondLanguage for some of the Samburu women. She leads various Bible Studieswith the women and mentors four women who are especially keen in growing in their faith and sharing with others. Anita is from Minnesota America,In Service of the King,Charles (and Anita) Jackson "

Let’s maintain them and all in our prayers.

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