Thursday, 12 June 2008

Several Activities (I) - 4 - Visit to Kibera and Kwangware

– Pedro Henrique Yacubian, Secretary of the Embassy of Brazil in Sudan, and Thais, wife of Adam Jayme Muniz, Secretary of the Embassy of Brazil in Kenya, visited our congregations in Kibera and in Kawangware with Pastor Carlos and Lídia on May 23rd. Emmanuel and Lorna (Pastor Dennis’ wife) were our guides in Kibera.
They visited the Nursery School in the basement of the church; the school facilities are being remodeled after they were burnt last January.

At the slum, they could see the railway…

...which was turned over during the pos-election violence.

Sally, one of the HIV/AIDS women leaders from the congregation, joined us in the visit.

We entered the deepest part of the slum to visit one of the congregants
where we met many children.

We offered prayers at the home of the congregants and her neighbor asked us to pray at her little house too. After this we walked through the railway and visited Sally’s house too.

From Kibera we went to Kawangware, where Pedro and Thaís had the opportunity to hear about the Orphans’ Feeding program…

and to see the children.

We also visited Teacher Veronica’s school, which receives support from the church too through Heart to Hearth Orphans Children Center.

– The school has the nursery class in one room, and from the 1st to the 4th grade in another room.

– Deaconess Mary was our guide in Kawangware. In the picture: Deac. Mary, Teacher Veronica, Lidia, Thais, Pedro and another teacher.

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