Thursday, 12 June 2008

Several Activities (I) - 2 - Visitors

Roger Theimer and Robert Meyer visited Kenya (end of May, beginning of June). They had several contacts with organizations, people and with the ELCK. They met Bishop Obare on June 3rd.
– Roger is Children’s Pastor at King of King Lutheran Church, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He led the Bible Study at the Pastoral Staff meeting on June 3rd. He demonstrated how to tell a Bible Story (or a Bible Event) to children, focusing always on Jesus.

They visited the church and facilities at “Spring of Life – Kibera”: Emmanuel, Robert, Roger and Dennis.

– Roger met the children from the nursery school-Kibera at the lunch time…

– and they visited the slum too.

They were hosted by Lídia and P. Carlos and enjoyed their time in Kenya. – Their plan is to come back in two years and organize a training seminar for children’s leaders. – God bless them and their plans.

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