Thursday, 26 April 2007


Do you know the Elders of our Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral? On April 14th, after our meeting, we took this picture in front of our church. Some are finishing their term as Elders and new Elders were elected at the Annual General Meeting - AGM, on April 15 (see the next pictures). They represent the English Congregation and the Swahili Congregation and the regular meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month, from 10am to noon.
From left to right: Mrs. Jane Orutwa, Prof. Joseph Malo, Mr. Thomas Mokua, Treasury Mr. Henry Meena, Chairman Hosena B. Lonogelo, Vice-Chairperson Mrs. Linneth Shiundu, Mr. Jason Nyaribo, Ms. Pacifica Omambia, Dr. Zoltan Balint, Deaconess Mary Khainga, Very Rev. Enos Omodhi, Evangelist Sylvester Opiyo, Rev. Dr. Carlos Walter Winterle and Mr. Issac Ngala.
(This set of seven (7) pictures will introduce you better the Elders and also Major Chuchu's family; it's our intention to introduce all the UHLC families through this BLOG. If you are with all your family in the Service, please ask Mrs. Lídia Winterle (Pastor Carlos' wife) to take a picture of your family and give her all the names written in a paper, in the same sequence you are standing in the picture, from left to right).

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