Monday, 16 April 2007

IN PRISON (1) - The visitors

Jesus said: "I was in prison and you came to visit me" (Matthew 25:36).
Representatives of Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry (The Lutheran Hour in Kenya) and the two Pastors and the Evangelist of Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral (UHLC) visited the main and biggest prison in Kenya last Friday, April 13,2007. They are more than 8000 prisoners there. 3.200 are students of Nuru Free Bible Correspondence Course (BCC). Several of them finished the Course and received their Certificates that day (look pictures 4 - 7).
(From the left: (standing, with tie) Mr. Jared Nyaema, in charge of this Nuru prison's ministry; (seating:) Rev. Geoffrey K.Muiru, Prison's Chaplain in Charge; Pastor David Mbogoro, assistant to the Chaplain; Kristi, in charge of the BCC; Evangelist Sylvester, of UHLC: Very Rev. Enos Omodhi, pastor in charge of UHLC prison's ministry. Pastor John Wambua Mulonzi, assistant to the Prison's Chaplain, and Rev. Dr. Carlos Walter Winterle aren't in this picture).

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