Saturday, 18 December 2010


This text was written by the Committee in charge of the project and forwarded to me by Prof. Thomas Krueger. As we know the real need of a Water Well in Kawangware, we are publishing this matter in our Blog to help this Project:

Imagine you having to carry between 5 and 10 gallons of water for several miles each day and that you got this water from a dirty cistern or a polluted stream or pond. Imagine having to use only this much dirty water for your entire family each day. This is life in Kawangware. One bath or shower uses more than this in the States.
Consider the diseases that are carried in this water. In the world, a child dies every 15 seconds from diarrhea. That is the equivalent of 20 jumbo jets crashing each and every day. Men women and children are sick up to 50% of the time, mostly from water borne disease. Think of the productivity and learning opportunities that are lost just because of poor drinking water.

ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya) in conjunction with a congregation in the United States is raising funds to bore a water well at the Kawangware church to furnish the congregation and the community with pure clean water. If anyone wishes to participate with this critically essential need, please contact Woodie Arp at or Tom Krueger at . A website has been established for additional information. That website is:

Tax deductible contributions may be sent directly to:
Texas District – Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
7900 East Highway 290
Austin, Texas 78724
Attention: Linda Hagge

Please note on your check that your donation is for the Kawangware Water Well Project.

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