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Welcome – KARIBUNI – to our October Blog Postage. Enjoy it!
Pr. Carlos Walter & Lídia Winterle

Pastor Omodhi and Pastor Carlos visited a new Mission/Preaching Point on 3rd October, after the UHLC English service. It’s along Mombasa Road on the way to the airport, in a slum – KPA - close to Nairobi National Park.

Three brothers: Peterson, Samson and Fred, are the leaders there. We visited them two years ago and, as it is far and expensive for them to come to the church, we suggested them to began a Bible Study group. They already began a group five months ago, using some books and other materials we gave them.
Eight children were waiting to be baptized:
- Brevian Otunga Nalemae, born on 19. September.2010, to Proters Fuamba Nalemae and Joyve Nasihu Otunga.
- Francis Nyabuto, born on 18th July 2010, to Geofrey Machoni Otieno and Ruth Biyaki.
- Berminas Ogora Mogendi, born on 9th September 2007, to Geofrey Mogendi Maudi and Evalie Nyaboke.
- Mildred Nyaboke Obae, born on 30th September 2006, to Jefither Obae Nyagwencha and Edinah Moraaa Obae.
…and the siblings born to David Nyamao Nyangau and Doricah Moraa Nyamao:
- Fenic Nyambeki Nyamao, born on 28th October, 1997;
- Victor Omae Nyamao, born on 20th February 1999;
- Felistas Nyanchera Nyamao, born on 23rd November 2001;
- Diana Nwango Nyamao, born on 18th September 2004.
The little room was too small for all the people who attended the Service. The sermon was a special study about Baptism.
After the service, they served lunch for all: rice and beans.
This is Peterson’s family.
All the group took a picture together before we left. – We are planning to go back there in November to take the Lord’s Supper to them. It’s a good beginning and many visitors are coming. - They have many challenges: They need to enlarge the room, to buy another plot next to the little church, to buy some chairs and some musical instruments…
Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry – The Lutheran Hour Nairobi Office, organized a Sunday School Teachers Seminar on 15th and16th October. Around 20 people were gathered from Kiambu, Kawangware, Kibera, Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral and some other places. The theme of the seminar was: REACHING THE FAMILY THROUGH THE CHILD. Mr. John Maina Nuru Director, welcomed all and gave orientation and introductions.
Mr. John Maine and Pastor Dennis Meeker
Pastor Carlos presented the first paper on Saturday from 08:00am to 10:00am: The art to Communicating to a Child. Pastor Dennis Meeker, from Kibera, presented: The Sunday School Teacher and The Basics of the Lutheran Faith for a Child. Isaac Ngala and Jared Osoro, from Nuru, presented: Equipping the Saints Principles: Evangelism, Equipping and Proclamation.
The day after I could see one of the participants, teacher Nora, leading the Sunday School at UHLC. The room was too small and she took the children out to the garden.
Heart to Heart – HHOCC Board visited the school of Chief Malombe in Satellite, Kawangware after our regular Board Meeting. He opened the school in May 2010 and is looking for a partnership with HHOC, but HHOCC doesn’t have any resources at the moment to support more children in the School Fees Program or to open another Feeding Program. Our waiting list is long! – Chief Malombe has already put up the name of the school: Heart to Heart Educational Center. – He is one of the Elders at UHLC.
He has a van to transport some of the children who live far.
The children were just on their lunch time.
The Principal of the school Mrs Julie explained us about the plans and the needs.
These are the school premises and HHOCC Board with the teachers.
HHOCC volunteers went to Kawangware on 21st October to take the regular food package to the guardians whose children are in the Scholarship and Food Program. They meet and talk about the families’ and children’s problems and needs every three months. They receive basic food and toiletries.
11 families are enrolled in this program and many are on the waiting list for some more help.
Prof. Adam Lee, from Concordia, Irvine, California, USA, came for the second time to Kenya. He leads, with Prof. John Norton, a group of 32 students from Concordia. They are visiting several countries, helping people in their needs, and having classes during this time as well.
They enjoy singing with the local youth and the homeless boys!
A second Bible Stories Seminar was held at the Cathedral on 23rd October (the first one was on 25th September). We went through 140 stories of the Old Testament and 120 stories of the New Testament showing pictures of each story and commenting on them briefly.
A youth group from Norway visited our service on 24th October. They arrived in Kenya on 22nd October and will stay here until next year. They came through TeFT (Short Term Mission, in Norwegian), Scripture Mission, Norwegian Lutheran Mission, and they are planning to do all kinds of volunteer work in Kenya.
Trinity, Klein, Texas: A volunteer team came to offer eye clinic in the Maasai Area. Their leaders are Ray and Flora Tacquard.
Paul Kalu, visitor, father to one of the Nairobi Girls Chorale singers.
Oswald Orassa, visitor from Tanzania.
Glenn & Joan Stocker, visitors from Selah, WA, USA.
Anthony Okene, visitor, student doing a research about Lutheranism. Hekima College, Jesuit School of Theology.
Ebenezer & Jonah Shoo, members and part of the Worship Team.
Stella M. Njagi and her twins Martina & Andreas, members.
Flora & Austin Kamala, members. They have just moved back to Kenya, after some years in the USA.
David A. Isindu, Founder and Director of the Nairobi Girls. They perform once a month in the Service at UHLC.
Josphat Ochoi, member.
Herald Loshi, member
Andrianaivosoa, from Madagascar,Ignatius A Tambudzai, from Zimbabwe, and Marcel Tchabounono, from Togo, visitors, students doing a research about Lutheranism. A Constituent College of The Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Jesuit Community.
Mr. Lambert Wilson Ndiwaita, Mrs. Grancia Kokushubira Ndiwaita and children: Michelle Kokugonza Ndiwaita (not in the picture), Esther Mukaile Ndiwaita, Katriana Julius Masabala and Kagemulo Salome Masabala. Members at UHLC.
Wilfred Tokpah, visitor from Liberia, working temporary in Somalia.
Vicar Jeff Ross, from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN, USA.
He arrived in Kenya on 19th October and will stay here until August 2011, helping the LCMS World Mission office in Karen and UHLC as well. And: – Pastor John Juedes, from Highland, California, USA. He came to teach at Matongo Seminary for five weeks.

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