Thursday, 14 May 2009


Pastor Zedekiah’s family, from Kawangware: Wife – Callen Moraa Nyanyu; children: Nehemiah Nyorwoyo, Joshua Sabwengi, Daisy Kerubo and Phoebe Nyanyu.
Glenn Stocker, visitor from the USA on 26th April. He came on a Mission Trip.

Timothy Omala Omenda, his wife Eunice Akinyi Omala and the children: Ruth Florolle Akoth Omala, Joshua Allan Omala, Natalie Edna Achieng Omala and their nice: Diana Esther Athieno.

Lawrence Otiso and his daughters: Cynthia Moraa and Stellah Kerubo.

Joseph Wachira, his wife Anne and little Ryan.

Benard Apima Mosongo , his wife Winnfer Moraa and little Sheilla Kemunto Apima.

Oscar Mushivochi Laban, his wife Juliana Desaria Muchivochi and little Sandra Aikaeli Mushivochi.

Florence Mariki and her son Stanly.

Zebedeu Mosongo, his wife Norah and their son James Mosongo. (Zebedeu is brother to Benard Mosongo).

Anne Kavere Asasa and her children: Chavez and Miranda.

Lineth Shiundu, her daughter Laura & Peter.

Christine Chuchu and daughters

– Caroline Atera and children: Ted + Triza

Clara Omodhi and her children: Hillary + Purity. This is Pastor Omodhi’s family.

Deac Mary Eliaikao and her children.

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