Friday, 15 May 2009


25/April: UHLC hosted a parish meeting in the new fellowship hall. Representatives from Kibera, Kawangware, Kiambu, Kariti, UHLC and NURU (Lutheran Hour Ministry) discussed parish issues and also the ELCK new Constitution. A second meeting was held on May 9th.

26/April: .Rev. Osmo Harjula, from the Matongo Lutheran Theological College, preached at the Cathedral.

28/April: A Teens Seminar was organized by Deac. Mary, Ev. Sylvester and Sunday School Teachers leader Mosa Lisaliza.

Around 80 teens from the parish came together from 10:00am to 04:00pm

They review the Small Catechism, they sang and prayed, and had several activities.


On 03 May: The Nairobi Girls Choir visited the Cathedral and sang during the Service.

Ufunuo Choir from the Swahili Service also took part in the English Service that Sunday.

Sandra Aikaeli Mushivochi was baptized that Sunday. She was born on 2ndMarch 2009

daughter to Oscar Mushivochi Laban and Juliana Desaria Muchivochi.

It was also the farewell of Sarah and Lexi Padre. They went back to the USA after one and half years in Nairobi. Stephen Padre moved back to the USA two months ago.– Stephen, Sarah and Lexi: we miss you!

An English Confirmation Class in going on, led by Ev. Sylvester. A Swahili Class is also going on. The confirmation will be in December/09.

The regular Bible Study Class (1st. and 3rd. Sunday of the month) was led by Lynn Haven on May 3rd. Lynn is a visitor from the USA (see post IV in this BLOG).


On 10 May: MOTHER’S DAY was celebrated at the Cathedral on the 2nd Sunday of May. A Power Point was presented with pictures from several mamas and their children. “Christ, the vine – we, the branches” was the theme of the Sunday. Three (3) baptisms were performed that Sunday:

Valentin Mjolhus, born on 1st April 2009, son to

Rev. Rune and Jane Mjolhus. The siblings: Saline, Ruben and Silas.

Natalie Edna Achieng Omala, born on 31st March 2009, daughter to

Timothy Omala Omenda and Eunice Akikyi Omala. Siblings: Ruth and Joshua.(see the family on Post V of this BLOG).

Sheilla Kemunto Apima, born on 4th March 2009, daughter to

Benard Apima Mosongo and Winnfer Moraa.

Ann-Jorid Stavnes and Anne-Hjørdis Grøvan, from the Norwegian Mission, sang at that Service,...

...and the Namibian youth also.

The Sunday School children honored the mamas by singing at the end of the service and...

... giving them flowers.

Some mamas came specially dressed for Mother’s Day.

On behalf of and in honor of all the mamas, we published the picture of UHLC Chairlady and her daughter: Mrs. Linnet Shiundu and Laura. God bless the mamas!


Rev. Omodhi, Rev. Dennis and Deac.Lorna, Ev. Sylvester and Deac. Mary visited a Maasai community last Tuesday, May 12th. It’s an exciting experience of Christian love!

Rev. Dennis wrote: “Pauline lead the team from Nairobi Parish to Suswa, Olturkel community to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. About 50 people gathered to fellowship and pray. Food items were distributed to end the day.”

Deac. Lorna wrote: “Heart to Heart is sending five girls from this community to boarding school this week. we praise God for his mercy and kindness.”

Just to explain: Those girls (age around 12 years old) were “sold” to be married with older men. The Police Chief of that section asked to Heart to Heart Orphans Children Center- HHOCC to take care of those girls. Pray for them! HHOCC is looking for sponsors for those girls. Will you help?

Pastor Omodhi told me excited about that experience! He baptized children, preach the Gospel, and talked about future plans.

He said that when food was distributed, some men came and said: “Give me one more pack of unga (flower); I have two wives at home… Give me more three packs of unga; I have four wives…”

One of the Maasai leaders gave to the church a big plot to build a church and maybe a nursery school. This is a big and good mission project!!!

Deac. Mary Khainga

The other pictures speak by themselves…

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