Friday, 17 April 2009


On 7th April, Pastor Omodhi, Pastor Carlos and Ev. Sylvester visited the church in Kiambu with the Architect George Nessa and his helper. We went together also to Kiambu Town to get some necessary licenses for the building.
The church in Kiambu is an old wooden building and is falling down. – The attendance average is around 20 people, most of them coming from Uganda to work in the coffee plantation in Kiambu. – The old building is not an attractive sight for new Christians.

Ev. Francis is in charge of that preaching point and Pastor Zedekiah (from Kawangware) goes once a month to preach and to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. (Unfortunately they were not able to come with us this time because of the strike of the matatus that day).

A team of 13 volunteers called ‘BUILDERS FOR CHRIST’ is coming from the USA to help to built a church in Kiambu next June (20-23). We are recruiting Kenyan volunteers to help that building, joint with the local Christians.

The UHLC and the Kiambu congregation are praying every Sunday for God’s blessing upon this plan and the coming of the American volunteers. (In the picture: the neighbor of the right side).

ORAT ET LABORAT is an old Latin proverb, which means: PRAY AND WORK. Let us know how you can help the parish and the volunteers to build this new church.
(In the picture: The neighbor of the left side).

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